Celliant Fan of the Month: Meet Gina Stephens-Taylor, Zumba Instructor

The body as a source of energy drives our research at the Celliant lab. Our fans also serve as a source of inspiration to our research.  We get excited to hear how Celliant technology is improving their performance and recovery every day and that’s why we’ve built a vibrant community on Facebook and Twitter. Each month, we will feature a member of our community and their own Celliant story. Our fans are constantly challenging themselves to reach fitness goals and we are proud to celebrate their successes.

Gina Stephens-Taylor is one of our most active Facebook users. As a military wife and mother of two, Gina started using Celliant technology for Zumba class and has risen up the ranks to become an instructor.

How did you get involved with Zumba?

I got involved with Zumba fitness after I had my second child at 43. I had a hard time taking off the baby weight. With all the cardio and weight training I was doing, I was only making very small gains and at the time was twenty pounds over my pre baby-weight. I was a personal trainer at my local YMCA; I was in the weight room and I could hear the music through the floor– I couldn’t stop dancing and I used to sneak out of the weight room and hit the group exercise room for a song or two. I was hooked instantly and went to as many classes as I could. I started losing weight fast! Four months later I became an instructor.

What was your proudest moment in terms of personal fitness?

My proudest moment was running my first 5K with obstacles this summer at the Warrior Dash. It took place on a ski mountain, so half the race was uphill. I was the oldest out of my group of friends and I came in first. I’m not a runner, never was. Next up is Iron Girl!

How did you first hear about Celliant? Would you recommend using Celliant to others?

I first heard of Celliant on Facebook. I read up on the products and what they do. I was very interested in how they worked and what they claimed to do. I then entered and won a product promotion to test out some socks and wristbands. So glad I did; I’ve been using Celliant products ever since! I would absolutely recommend Celliant to my students. I’ve been doing so for a while and will continue to do so.

What do you like most about Celliant?

What I like most about Celliant is that I have more endurance during a workout or a class. Zumba is very high energy and the music can be fast. I cannot be out of breath or tired while instructing a class. I really feel like recovery is quicker with Celliant products.

What advice do you have for those who want to reach their performance goals?

Advice for those who are starting out and even those who aren’t: set small goals and don’t be discouraged. Push yourself because nothing worth doing comes easy. You’ll thank yourself later.

We thank Gina for her enthusiasm for Celliant and commitment to healthy living. Gina’s Celliant story demonstrates how our technology is benefitting athletes every day. Please check out her Facebook and website, or leave us a comment!

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