Celliant Forms its Science Advisory Board

At Celliant, we’re committed to the science behind our products.  We aren’t satisfied simply with the conjectures of anecdotal evidence, or the estimates of untested hypotheses.  We believe in our products because the continued testing of the science behind them proved time and again that our technology works. Most recently, we formed a Science Advisory Board to be chaired by our Chief Science Officer Michael Coyle.  With the Board, Celliant remains devoted to pushing the boundaries of the responsive textile technology sector.  We’d like to announce the first two appointments to the board, Dr. Christopher Drake (Sleep Medicine) and Dr. Shimon Weiss (Nanotechnology). Dr. Drake is the Bioscientific Staff Investigator at the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Disorders Research Center, in addition to being Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at the School of Medicine, Wayne State University. Along with authoring over 150 articles, reviews and abstracts in his field, Dr. Drake serves on the editorial board of various sleep and behavioral sleep field journals.  He is currently the Vice Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation and is studying insomnia and circadian timing in shift workers.   Dr. Weiss is the Dean M. Willard Chair in Chemistry and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Physiology and a member of the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA.  He has been a scientific researcher for over 20 years, both in and out of the university. The Weiss lab has worked on ultrasensitive single molecule spectroscopy methods for over 15 years, and was the first to introduce the single molecule FRET method and were among the first to introduce quantum dots to biological imaging.   The Board members will be happy to answer questions about their interests and experience, and look forward to further substantiating the science behind Celliant.