The 2012 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show

We recently attended the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, an event showcasing some of the most exciting innovations in outdoor apparel. The show gave us the perfect opportunity to explain how our technology works. At this year’s OR Show, we handed out hundreds of pairs of Celliant socks to visitors who came from all across the country. When people came to our booth, we asked them to tell us where they take their Celliant gear. Check out all the different places, as visually represented at our booth. Through our conversations, we met MMA fighters from Ohio, mountain climbers from Denver, and marathon runners shaping the sport from all over the United States. We also met Jill, a skydiver from San Francisco, who shared that using Celliant gear on her dives helps keep her energy level high. We’re excited that people from coast to coast are learning about and benefiting from Celliant technology. Tell us where you are from, and where do you take your Celliant gear?