The Human Body is a Source of Energy

What if the energy our body gives off simply by doing everyday activities could be captured and put to use? Does that sound like an idea from the future? It’s not. Allow us to explain.

Around the world, scientists are finding innovative ways to harness human energy and apply it to other activities. We often think about the need to fuel our bodies; now, it’s time to start thinking about our bodies as the source of the fuel.

When we move, interesting things occur from an energy standpoint. Actually, even when we’re stationary, fascinating things are happening. While resting, the average human emits between 50 and 100 joules per second (1 joule/sec = 1 watt). Where does all that energy go? Mostly, it is lost. What about the kinetic energy we release when we move? It’s also usually lost. However, scientists are out to revolutionize how we view and use this energy. The energy released by the human body (whether it is kinetic, infrared, electromagnetic, etc.) can be captured and harnessed. It is already being put to use to power lights, to heat buildings, and to better power the body itself. Here’s the proof:

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In Japan, one subway in Tokyo uses a special floor to capture riders’ human mechanical energy to power ticket gates, electronic lighting and display systems. When riders step on the piezoelectric flooring, the pressure on the floor produces a charge. This charge is captured and converted to electricity by the piezo materials, usually made of crystals or ceramics. All of these charges are sent to a power storage unit.


At nightclubs in London and Rotterdam, similar technology captures revelers’ moves via its dance floor so the more you move, the more energy is created. Piezoelectric technology now converts dancers’ enthusiasm into electrical energy! Meanwhile Toulouse, France is creating power from all the people pounding the pavement by installing the technology in its sidewalks.

Energy from movement can be captured in other ways. For example, one hotel in Copenhagen actually pays its guests to exercise. When guests bike for 15 minutes at the hotel gym, they are awarded a free meal voucher because they just helped power the hotel’s generator.


What’s more, a train station in Stockholm has figured out how to capture human energy without even requiring you to move. Body heat from passengers is used to heat another building via a system of pipes and water. Although none of the riders are getting a free lunch for their “non”-efforts, they are powering a building that is located 100 meters across the street!

At Celliant, these are the kinds of stories that inspire us. The human body is a powerful tool and we believe that harnessing your body’s energy is the future. Celliant is a revolutionary technology that captures, recycles and harnesses your body’s energy to help energize and empower your body. Minerals in Celliant fabric alter the wavelength of the energy released by the body so that your muscle tissue can absorb it. This has been clinically shown to increase circulation, to improve tissue oxygenation, and to help balance body temperature. These benefits result in faster healing and muscle recovery, improved sleep quality, enhanced athletic performance, and overall well-being.

Why not maximize the potential of the energy you release by wearing Celliant clothes while on a piezoelectric dance floor, riding a stationary bicycle connected to the power grid? Alright, that may not be convenient, but you get the point.

We would like to dedicate this blog to the exploration of the ways in which we view the body’s own energy and how it can be captured and put to new uses. The body as a source of energy will serve as the theme of a 2013 symposium that we are organizing. We are very excited about this event and are looking for other enthusiastic individuals and groups who would like to be involved. Please get in touch with us if you would like to be a part of the symposium, and we look forward to exploring this topic with you.

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