Celliant Helps Athletes With Clinically-Proven Textile Increasing Blood Flow

By July 28, 2017 October 17th, 2018 Press

Celliant, a product of Los Angeles-based tech company Hologenix that aims to effectively capture and utilize human body heat in order to produce noticeable health benefits, recently received a classification from the FDA that could help the company expand its reach.

Celliant, owned by Hologenix, LLC, began producing its now-patented, thermo-reactive mineral-based responsive textile technology in 2002 with the hope of recycling the body’s natural energy. The company refers to its tech as “solar panels for your body.”

The company’s product is able to help increase the user’s blood flow in real-time to the area covered by the garment. Celliant’s technology readmits far infrared energy back into the body.

“We are trying to connect the dots of three buckets of science,” Celliant co-founder and CEO Seth Casden said.

“First: the body gives off heat; second: certain naturally occurring minerals act as a sponge for that heat and absorb it and then give off infrared; third: the validation that infrared has many different health benefits.”

Celliant, a rebrand from the company’s first iteration, had worked with TaylorMade adidas on a golf shirt and Saucony for a compression recovery line. In 2010 and 2011, it landed its first big-time partnership with Reebok’s Zigtech line, which featured Peyton Manning and John Wall as spokesmen.