Celliant Selected by Cotton USA

By December 14, 2017 October 17th, 2018 Press

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Cotton USA has launched a range of yoga pants and shirts which integrate Celliant technology, a patented heat transferring fibre technology which has been proven to improve blood flow and aid recovery.

“Our product is embedded with minerals that absorb your body heat,” said Trenton Horinek of Celliant. “It then coverts this into infrared energy, which is extremely useful for the human body. The biggest benefit is creating blood flow, and we’re now an FDA-determined medical device so you can say on your packaging your product increases blood flow and energy, boosts performance and speeds muscle recovery.”

Introduced at the recent premiere Vision trade fair in Paris, Cotton USA’s new range of athleisure garments are made of a stretch jersey fabric which combines US cotton, spandex and the Celliant technology.

This combination, the company believes, is beneficial for both consumers and brands. “A recent global consumer study conducted in the major consumer markets of the world (North America, China, India and the EU) has shown that 80 per cent of consumers prefer clothing and home goods that have the Cotton USA mark over generic 100 per cent cotton. Preference is so high that two thirds of consumers said they would pay more for a product with the Cotton USA mark rather than a generic cotton mark,” said a company press release.