Insulation Of The Future: The Heat Is On

By March 22, 2017 October 17th, 2018 Press

Insulation products reinvent in delivering next generation lightweight warmth, breathability and flexibility. The essential invisible ingredient for the winter outdoors industry ticks all the boxes as comfort, sustainability, multi function and innovative combinations push through.

With moisture management, breathability and quick dry added to the thermal performance of this product, the bend of silk and polypropylene fibers, with the polypropylene delivering  on the lightweight aspect is sandwiched between the polyester.

A combination of 40 per cent merino lambswool, 45 per cent Celliant and 15 per cent polyester is another development  by Imbotex, offering a range of weights from 60 – 160 g/m2. The inclusion of Celliant, a  synthetic polymer, has been proven through clinical tests to increase oxygen levels and help balance the body temperature.

The unique composition of the lambswool and Celliant is designed to work together by recycling the heat emitted by the body.