Leading-edge technology
for your brand

CELLIANT’s clinically-demonstrated performance products
differentiate your brand with natural, embedded minerals that
promote local circulation and cell oxygenation while helping to keep
the body at the right temperature.

Innovation to the core

CELLIANT’s team of product development scientists are never satisfied. Constantly innovating new applications to CELLIANT’s core formulas, we can partner with your brand to deliver, or create, exactly what your product needs.

Celliant Bed
CELLIANT can be integrated into existing product lines or used to create entirely new ones

Your industry,

CELLIANT’s technology is extremely versatile and adds value to a wide variety of products across industries, including apparel, uniforms, bedding, sleepwear, wetsuits, office furniture and transportation seating, medical-use fabrics, bandages and wraps, and products for animals. Each has clinically demonstrated benefits relevant to your consumers for your specific application.

for the life of
the product

Whether CELLIANT is woven into the core fibers of the product or applied as a printed coating, it won’t wash out or lose effectiveness. Your consumers can rest-assured knowing your product will be CELLIANT-powered for the entirety of its useful life.