In recent years, biomaterials and bioceramics have risen to prominence as technology has evolved to allow more and more materials to interact with biological systems. What is a biomaterial? A biomaterial is any substance that is designed to interact with a biological system, usually for medical purposes. With such a wide definition, there are a number of things that fall under the category of biomaterials.

One important subset of biomaterials are bioceramics. Bioceramics are, as you may have guessed, ceramics that have been designed to interact with biological systems. Bioceramics are the category of biomaterials that CELLIANT falls within.

However, CELLIANT differs from most other biomaterials and bioceramics because of its applications outside the medical industry, which is where you typically see biomaterials and bioceramics being used. CELLIANT bioceramics are infused into textile-based products, to power bio-responsive textiles with the health and wellness benefits of infrared energy.

How do CELLIANT bioceramics work?

The bioceramics found in CELLIANT fabrics consist of a proprietary blend of thermo-reactive minerals that undergo the following process:

  • ground into a superfine powder
  • added to polymer substrates, when fabrics are still in their liquid form
  • extruded, spun into fibers and yarns, and woven into what we call bio-responsive fabrics

These bio-responsive textiles interact with the biological system of the wearer by capturing their body heat and converting it into infrared energy. That infrared energy is returned to the body, increasing local circulation and cell oxygenation. This helps users recover faster from physical activity, enjoy more restful sleep, or enhance performance and boost energy throughout the day.

CELLIANT bioceramic textiles can be found in several products such as sleepwear, mattresses, top-of-bed products, active and performance apparel, pet wellness products, upholstery in both commercial and residential settings, women’s wellness products and more.


What are the benefits of CELLIANT bioceramic wellness textiles?

CELLIANT bioceramic infrared textiles can bring many benefits:

  • Increased local circulation
  • Improved local cell oxygenation
  • Improved temperature regulation
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased strength
  • Increased energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Faster recovery

High-profile fans of bioceramics have taken this technology into the spotlight and highlighted lesser-known use cases. America’s favorite quarterback, Tom Brady, has been vocal about partnering with Under Armour bioceramic sleepwear, which helps optimize his performance on the field, as well as his health and wellness off the field. The CELLIANT materials in these bioceramic pajamas are able to capture body heat, convert it to infrared energy, then reflect it back into the body, improving local circulation and cell oxygenation, and thus helping Brady get more quality sleep and recover more quickly and fully from his job.

In addition to powering Under Armour infrared technology, CELLIANT has been incorporated into product lines for many performance, recovery, and sleep-focused brands, such as Lunya & Lahgo, Bear Mattress, Sleepletics, Kymira, Purecare, Tecnica ski boots, Oxeego socks, and more.

The benefits of improved local circulation are far-reaching. Poor circulation is responsible for many of the conditions we suffer from today as well as a general feeling of low well-being. Issues like high blood pressure, muscle cramps, strokes, and cardiovascular disease are connected to poor circulation. As CELLIANT’s Science Advisory Board continues its body of research, we look to study the impact of CELLIANT-infused bioceramic apparel on circulatory issues connected to diabetes, for just one example. We see endless potential for our bioceramic technology as a low-barrier, passive wellness modality that the greater population can easily incorporate into their daily routines.

Why do brands incorporate CELLIANT into their products?

The challenges facing today’s brands are significant; supply chain woes and inflation have driven pricing up dramatically in recent months. Designers need ways of upping the quality and engagement with their products.

Adding technology like bioceramic fabric with health and wellness benefits will boost intention and purpose. Brands can add value for consumers that they can understand and relate to, as they try to gain control over their sleep routines and their well-being. CELLIANT can help brands provide value that aligns with higher cost.

Consumers are also generally expecting more and more from their clothing, as other areas of their lives have developed in line with technology, including the furniture in their smart homes and smart home offices. Brands must keep up by innovating faster than the demand.

CELLIANT’s proprietary formula utilizes minerals that are naturally procured from the earth, and the formula is manufactured in the USA. Cause-oriented consumers will be able to get on board with this more natural solution and product (particularly when infused into CELLIANT’s recycled and eco-friendly line-up of carrier solutions, which include both nature-based CELLIANT Viscose and CELLIANT with REPREVE recycled polyester). Brands looking to show that they are eco-conscious and thinking about their environmental footprint will find these options to be another way to prove their product’s value.

Tapping into the benefits of bioceramic technology in your life or business could transform the way you think about sleep and well-being. If you’re thinking about incorporating bioceramic clothing into your brand’s products, get in touch with our business development team by filling out the form below. And if you’re a consumer looking for where to purchase CELLIANT products, follow @celliant on Instagram for a highlight reel.