Celliant transforms your body’s heat into full-spectrum infrared energy, promoting local circulation and cell oxygenation while keeping you drier and at the perfect temperature.

And that means more energy, endurance, strength, stamina, comfort, quicker recovery, and better sleep.

Minerals woven into fibers or applied as fabric coating

Naturally occurring minerals and 88 trace elements are either woven into the core of fibers or used to create a coating for fabrics.

Heat transformed into infrared

The minerals and trace elements give any product the ability to absorb the body’s heat, transforming it into full-spectrum infrared energy.

Infrared reflected back to the body

The full-spectrum infrared energy is reflected back to the body, even through multiple layers of fabric, making it possible for the tissue and muscle to absorb it.

Increased Local Oxygen Levels

The full-spectrum infrared light promotes vasodilation, or improved local circulation, making more oxygen available to your cells—a minimum increase of 8% as proven in clinical trials.

More oxygen for you

The increase in local circulation and oxygen means you perform stronger, recover faster and sleep better.