A Scientific Blend
of Natural Minerals

Natural, thermo-reactive minerals and a blend of 88 trace elements combine to create CELLIANT.
Embedded into yarn or applied as a coating to textiles, CELLIANT gives any fabric the ability
to transform your body’s heat energy into full-spectrum infrared energy.

Natural, thermo-reactive minerals
and 88 trace elements

Our scientists selected safe, naturally occurring,
thermo-reactive minerals for their unique
properties, such as energy absorption and
reflection, then super-charged that formula with a
blend of 88 trace elements.

Minerals and trace
elements create
the mineral mix

Through a specialized, multi-step process, the minerals
and elements are ground and milled into a powder as fine
as 1 micron to create the CELLIANT mineral mix.

Minerals and elements
embedded in yarn

The mineral mix is added to a carrier and made into a yarn or fiber.

Minerals and elements
applied as Coating

CELLIANT powder is added to a carrier
and applied as a coating on fabric.

Embedded in
world-class products

The yarn is extraordinarily versatile, able to be
woven into any product.

Printed for
leading-edge brands

The printed coating amplifies any design
and is easy to apply.


Whether CELLIANT is woven into the core fibers of the product or applied as a coating, it won’t wash out or lose effectiveness. Products will be CELLIANT-powered for the entirety of their useful life.