CELLIANT has a localized effect and therefore the product design, quantity and placement of CELLIANT must meet stringent requirements in order to satisfy the expectations of the consumer when purchasing a CELLIANT product. Authorized CELLIANT partner mills ensure that products meet the highest quality standards.


We test products before they go to market at independent third-party labs and in our IRB certified clinical laboratory to ensure all products meet the established usage requirements and integrity standards. Watch our video to learn about the four tests our testing department uses to analyze products that contain CELLIANT to ensure quality control and efficacy.


Ash testing proves CELLIANT minerals are present and in their correct amounts. CELLIANT is verified as the active ingredient in any product line by heating the sample to 800+C for 4 hours to burn off the carrier and eliminate all organic material. This proves the presence of CELLIANT minerals to the level prescribed by our usage guidelines. Ash testing is completed by a world-class, independent, third-party laboratory in the USA.


Emissivity testing proves CELLIANT-powered fabric emits IR at the proper levels. CELLIANT is proven to increase spectral absorbency up to 10x in emissivity tests that measure CELLIANT’s ability to generate and emit infrared energy.* CELLIANT products emit an average increase of .25mW/cm2 IR generated in the 2.5-20 μm range at 35°C. Emissivity testing is completed by a third-party laboratory in the USA.

* Source: Infrared Radiative Properties and Thermal Modeling of Ceramic- Embedded Textile Fabrics, Biomedical Optics Express, 2017 Dr. David Anderson, John Fessler, Matthew Pooley, Scott Seidel, Dr. Michael R Hamblin, Haskell Beckham and Dr. James F Brennan – Exponent


Transcutaneous Oximetry Pressure (TcPO2) testing proves test subjects wearing or sitting on CELLIANT-powered products achieve a minimum of 7% increase in TcPO2. This testing measures the amount of oxygen availability in the tissue of human test subjects. To date, CELLIANT has conducted over 1,000 TcPO2 tests. This test is completed in our in-house IRB certified clinical laboratory using a PeriFlux 6000 TcPO2 System.


Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) proves CELLIANT passes a threshold of a 6% increase in Tissue Oxygen Saturation (StO2) to show efficacy. This test is completed in our in-house IRB certified clinical laboratory using a Kent Imaging Snapshot NIR V3.0 machine.