A Fabric to Take You Further

Over 60% of the energy we consume is lost to escaping body heat. Most other textiles either trap or vent that body heat. Celliant responsive technology goes beyond—turning energy that is normally wasted into infrared light with infrared ceramic fibers, woven into your gear so you can go further, faster. Conserve energy and go the extra mile with the future of performance textiles.

A Renewable Energy Source. Ignited From Your Core.

Celliant technology keeps your body heat working for you. Translate hard work and persistence into increased blood flow that enables enhanced cellular performance, increased blood oxygen levels, and ultimately higher levels of cognitive focus and physical energy. Perform at your peak with Celliant, and feel the difference throughout your day with technology designed to help you achieve your next great milestone. No checkpoints necessary with Celliant.

Performance. Ignited By Activity.

Sweat it out, and feel your body working in congruence with Celliant Responsive Fibers. Plug into your body’s natural, thermal energy with a technical textile that will enhance speed, endurance, strength and stamina. Leverage your body’s heat to enhance performance by temporarily promoting increased local blood flow at the site of application. Experience a Smart fabric that’s clinically proven to elevate performance through the recycling of body heat.

Your Biology’s Best. On and Off The Field.

Your best performance is only a strand of Celliant away. Experience technical fibers that enhance your ability to endure. Find your best with Celliant, and go further with responsive textiles clinically proven to act as a natural vasodilator that can increase local blood flow, elevate performance and help your body endure anything it comes up against.

Perform. Faster. Longer. Stronger.

Responsive Textiles. Better Performance. The Celliant Guarantee.

Apparel that emits Infrared Radiation (IR) can decrease an athlete’s oxygen consumption during competitive exercise. Celliant fibers enhance performance during competition, through vasodilation and thermoregulation processes which enhance blood flow and cellular performance for more power and personal capability.

Textile Energy. A New Way to Recycle. A New Way To Perform.

A significant decrease in oxygen consumption allows you to perform smarter, not harder. Experience a new, performance-inspired textile technology that elevates energy and performance levels for healthy individuals that choose Celliant.

A Competitive Edge. Hung In Your Closet.

Celliant can improve your performance. Products containing Celliant are clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels and improve athletic performance to heighten your physical well being when it counts the most.

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