Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation in Infrared Technology at CELLIANT

In 2002, the world looked much different than it does now. The turn of the century brought on a wave of innovation in technology and business that changed the way people live and work. Developments in health and wellness gave way to new understandings that improved the quality of life for so many. Our founders were looking to provide a solution when a relative started dealing with health complications. They wondered about the possibility of incorporating this known healing modality into something new and different. This was the spark that ignited the fire that would become Hologenix, the globally recognized, award-winning material sciences company that we know today.
20 years later, what started as an investigation into a seemingly implausible idea, has grown into an international, prizewinning company with over 20 employees across four continents and dozens of partners, contributors, and board members. One thing has always remained true: we all hold a genuine desire to improve the quality of people’s lives and health.
Our founders wanted to explore wellness solutions with an emphasis on non-invasive and natural, holistic health. It became important to them to find tangible wellness solutions that prevent or complement medical intervention, and infrared technology presented the perfect opportunity to do so.
Hologenix has been science-backed from the start. Our founding team consisted of five members that ranged from entrepreneurial to scientific, including our current CEO and Co-Founder Seth Casden. This team pursued technological, scientific, and product innovations to ensure CELLIANT’s compatibility within a range of textile applications, as well as awareness and demand within the industry.
It was this small and mighty team that began to build our brand partner relationships, many of which are still engaged today, such as Wellman International, a high-quality polyester fiber company. In 2022, our joint project, pure white CELLIANT, was shortlisted for the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards as a sustainable textile innovation. By working together to convert pure white CELLIANT to rPET, CELLIANT was able to move away from virgin polyester to recycled solutions. This long-term partnership highlights our desire to work with like-minded partners who seek growth and innovation.
CELLIANT’s unique ability to improve cellular oxygenation and local circulation naturally led to many developments in the outdoor recreation industry. We’re proud to work with many brands in the sportswear industry to create high-quality products that support consumers’ performance and recovery. Brands like Adidas, Reebok, and Saucony contributed to CELLIANT’s early success with their infrared-powered products. Today, CELLIANT powers the entire Under Armour Rush Line.
We also found many successful applications across the outdoor recreation industry with brands like Eastern Mountain Sports, Sierra Design, and Superfeet as early adopters. Together, we created everything from sleeping bags to insoles, highlighting the versatility of CELLIANT’s product applications. Brand partnerships like these continue to be helpful in helping bring infrared products to the market and providing validation and support to science-backed technology. Many consumers have come to love CELLIANT because they’ve found us through our brand partners.
We are committed to scientific innovation and research, which is why we’ve completed nine peer-reviewed studies. These developments brought new opportunities and possible applications for CELLIANT. In 2022, we launched our partnership with Medline, one of the largest distributors of medical device technology. After several years of development, this partnership delivered the CURAD orthopedic product line powered by CELLIANT that aids significantly in muscle recovery, increase endurance, and improves overall performance in healthy individuals. This represents the beginning of our expansion into the sports medicine field.
In 2022, we expanded our full-time employee team by 25%. We also employ a globally-based sales support team, agency partners, creative contributors, board members, and legal and regulatory firms across our offices on four continents. Combined, they continue to deliver impressive results, as evidenced by accolades such as inclusion on INC’s list of 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2012, 2020, and 2021.
As we plan for the next 20 years and beyond, we remain committed to improving people’s quality of life. In the short term, we’re researching and developing more applications in the agriculture industry, as well as continuing to research the applications of CELLIANT. We plan to expand into the global FemTech market with both product applications and scientific research explaining the benefits of infrared technology specifically for women’s wellness.
But the possibilities are bountiful. We believe in the power of infrared technology to improve our lives, and we’re committed to bringing those innovations to market for many decades to come.
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