We’re honored and delighted to celebrate pure white CELLIANT® being awarded a Top Ten winner in the Fibers & Insulation Category of the Fall 2023/24 ISPO Textrends Awards.

Pure white CELLIANT is an innovation we’re particularly proud of as it allows CELLIANT infrared technology to be infused in fibers that can be brilliantly white, delicate pastels and virtually any color imaginable. This adds to CELLIANT’S versatility, bringing our infrared wellness benefits to even more products for more people — like crisp white performance and athleisure apparel, athletic uniforms and jerseys, towels, bedding, baby clothes and medical apparel — all known for their white and pastel coloring.

Making this award even more special is that it comes shortly after CELLIANT Viscose, the first in-fiber sustainable infrared viscose solution on the market, was selected as a finalist in the same category for the 2022/23 ISPO Textrends Awards. We are proud of the way CELLIANT Viscose has contributed to a more sustainable textile industry. Not to mention, having two back-to-back designated achievements from ISPO, a leader in textile trends, news and information for the global sports industry, is fitting for the performance benefits that infrared responsive textiles offer.

It’s especially gratifying when an innovation has been in research and development for some time garners this recognition shortly after release. As our Chief Supply Chain Officer, Courtney OKeefe, puts it, “This new formulation took years of work to achieve and is a testament to the dedication and talent of our global research team. We’re so honored to achieve this recognition from ISPO for our pure white CELLIANT and very proud to say that we now have two ISPO-recognized fibers.”

As we look forward to 2022 and beyond with new textile innovation solutions for CELLIANT, it’s wonderful to take this moment to appreciate the hard work that led to pure white CELLIANT being in market and garnering such incredible attention.

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