Centa-Star Regeneration Line Powered by CELLIANT

Centa-Star + CELLIANT Partner on Regeneration Bedding Line

When we think of performance, we usually think of intense workouts, sweat and maybe even a high-five or two. We don’t usually think of duvets, pillows and drifting off to sleep. But one of the keys to performing your best, whether it’s a personal record in a five-mile run or a world-class athlete winning a championship, is getting consistently good sleep.

That’s why we’re so excited for Centa-Star’s Regeneration line that launched in Europe early in August, 2021. Good sleep is so important to human performance (not just athletically) and overall wellness that it’s an honor to be a part of providing higher quality sleep.

And the Regeneration line does just that. Featuring duvets and pillows that are powered by CELLIANT®, the line captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, resulting in increased local circulation and improved cellular oxygenation. This increase helps your body be more efficient while you’re resting which helps your body stay at the perfect temperature and aids in cellular recovery. All this adds up to higher quality sleep so you can wake up feeling more energetic.

We’re also excited to partner with Centa-Star because they share so many of our values. Since the beginning, Centa-Star’s goal has been to manufacture the best duvets in the world. That means duvets that you can’t help but cuddle into and that keep their shape and stunning look for years and it also means a strong commitment to the earth with sustainability officially written into Centa-Star’s corporate principles and objectives. And, like us here at CELLIANT, Centa-Star is always looking to improve and innovate.

Centa-Star Regeneration Line

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Centa-Star Regeneration is available online throughout Europe and in selected department stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including KaDeWe Berlin, Betten Rid in Munich, Karstadt and Kaufhof stores.

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