Honoring the Legacy of Renowned Fashion Designer Bern Conrad

Bern Conrad powered by CELLIANT collection

Bern Conrad began his illustrious career in the 1970s in New York’s storied Garment District, but it was only recently that he came out of sabbatical due to his excitement about the benefits and possibilities of CELLIANT® infrared technology. It inspired him to create a new collection of gorgeous women’s self-care apparel made to celebrate movement with flowing and playful lines. In 2019, when he returned to fashion, Conrad said, “I wouldn’t have just come out with another T-shirt collection. When I discovered this component [CELLIANT®] that could be spun into a yarn and knit into a fabric and change the way people feel and look — I couldn’t have imagined that this one moment would ignite a passion that would take me on a new journey.”
Sadly, Conrad recently passed away at the age of 84. We are so honored and proud to have played a part in inspiring this wonderful designer, who himself has inspired so many, to return to the world of fashion with a renewed vision and vigor.
The Bern Conrad powered by CELLIANT® collection, we are so happy to say, will continue under the vision and direction of Conrad’s wife and longtime collaborator, Ilonka, and his business partner Roger. Though saddened by Bern’s passing, we look to the future of the collection as it evolves and grows to do our small part in honoring the legacy of Bern.
The Bern Conrad powered by CELLIANT® collection is available at bernconrad.com.