Kravet, Crypton and CELLIANT Unite to Create the First Home Textiles for Well-Being  

They say that good things come in threes. So, when we were presented with the opportunity to team up with Kravet, the industry leaders in the home furnishings space, and Crypton®, experts in cleanable, durable, performance fabrics, it only made sense that as the leaders in infrared bio-responsive textiles, we could make magic happen together. Today, we are pleased to introduce our very first Kravet x Crypton x CELLIANT collection, hailed as the first home textiles for well-being. Before we share all the details on the beautiful infrared residential textiles that are part of this Wellness Textures release, allow us to introduce our partners in greater detail.


For over a century now, the Kravet family has owned and operated Kravet Inc., the industry leader in the to-the-trade home furnishings industry; a fabric supplier resource for the design community. This fifth-generation family business partners directly with interior designers to provide them with wholesale fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, floor coverings, and home furnishing products for both indoor and outdoor residential environments. Their reputation for quality and excellence are inherent given their business model. After all, when you are relying on your network of interior design advocates to sell on your behalf to the end consumer, it must exceed expectations and truly stand out to impress the professionals.


Smart fabrics are part of the DNA at Crypton. They are known for state-of-the-art materials for both residential and commercial interiors. When you think Crypton, you think Crypton performance fabric. These high-performance materials are renowned for being moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, spill-resistant and odor-resistant. Beautiful materials with functional properties are what set this fabric company apart. Previously, CELLIANT partnered with Crypton on the first woven upholstery fabric with CELLIANT infrared technology, so we are thrilled to expand the library of Crypton x CELLIANT fabrics further. And, the Wellness Textures collection is proudly manufactured in the USA, at Crypton’s own fabric mill located in Cliffside, North Carolina.


Leveraging Kravet’s reputation and legacy with interior designers alongside Crypton’s fabric industry expertise, we have created a new product line that sits at the intersection of interiors and wellness. When looking at the future of residential spaces, we have forecasted responsive textiles as the future of the smart home. We have already grown accustomed to automating so many things around our living spaces; for example, by having our groceries auto-shipped, our bills auto-paid, and our lights automatically turn on or off. We automate just about every aspect of our lives, except for our own well-being. The Wellness Textures collection is the key to automating your self-care. Now, as you enjoy a movie on the couch with family, sneak in an afternoon nap on your living room day bed, or work from your custom upholstered desk chair in your home office, you can enjoy the physiological benefits of CELLIANT. As your body emits heat, the CELLIANT minerals that are embedded into these fabrics will capture that heat, convert it to infrared energy, and send it back into the body to help improve local circulation and cell oxygenation. Wellness textiles for your home are a great way to sustain your self-care long term.


The collection itself, aptly named Wellness Textures, is a celebration of 38 fabrics in beautiful blues, creamy neutrals and moody greys. Names such as “Namaste Boucle,” “Serenity Now” and “Healing Touch” evoke the ethos behind the collaboration, promising to bring a sense of peace to the spaces they decorate. And, these decoration possibilities are limitless. From home theaters to throw pillows, when it comes to infusing your space with an added dose of wellness, no idea is too big or too small. The collection has already been hailed by Architectural Digest for its innovation, and we are excited about the interior adaptations that are on the horizon.