Levi’s Launches +Energy Denim Line Featuring CELLIANT

Levis Celliant Energy Denim

We’re super excited and proud to announce the launch of +Levi’s Energy clothing line, featuring CELLIANT!

CELLIANT, a blend of naturally occurring thermo-reactive minerals, is embedded into the core of the +Levi’s Energy line’s fibers. These minerals work to capture and convert the body’s heat into infrared energy, which is clinically proven to increase local circulation and oxygen, while keeping you drier and at the perfect temperature. That means you have more strength, endurance, energy and comfort, and that you recover faster.

Levis Energy JeanHologenix CEO, Seth Casden, notes, “This is an exciting moment for CELLIANT and proves Levi’s continued spirit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of fashion and performance to new levels. With the +Levi’s Energy product line, Levi’s is set to once again change the urban performance apparel market by creating a line that truly works for the consumer, giving them more energy and actually raising their performance and recovery potential.”

The Levi’s Energy line is the evolution of Levi’s performance and technical apparel, featuring women’s and men’s styles from the Levi’s Engineered Jeans (LEJ) series. The +Levi’s Energy Jean is part of their futuristic Performance collection and Red Card Cowboy Denim series that features Li Xian and Liu Wen as brand ambassadors. Created with the perfect ergonomic fit, the LEJ series was inspired to achieve the highest possible functionality and movement, and now, pushing those ideals even further, the Energy line is designed to amplify you.