PureCare Announces New Pillow Line Powered by CELLIANT

PureCare Celliant Pillow

PureCare recently announced their latest pillow line, “Body Chemistry™”, a collection of seven new pillows of differing comforts and components, which include covers that are powered by CELLIANT.

PureCare’s new products are developed as a result of a firsthand understanding of the needs of the company’s retailers and their customers. As Chief Marketing Officer, Sean Bergman puts it, “PureCare is a team-driven, mission directed company offering health and wellness in the bedroom. There is not only technological and innovative superiority behind each-and-every PureCare top-of-bed product, but there is a real health, wellness and comfort story behind the creation and marketing of each product.”

PureCare is passionate about CELLIANT providing added recovery, wellness and comfort features into their products. Jeff Bergman, President and COO of PureCare, comments, “The science behind CELLIANT is truly exciting and more and more people are beginning to understand how CELLIANT fibers promote increased blood flow in your body. If our body temperature doesn’t spike up and down at night, we are more likely to get better sleep.”