Sunlighten & CELLIANT A Natural Partnership

It’s always exciting when we launch a new partnership, especially when it’s in a new category for us at CELLIANT® and one that feels like such a natural fit — and that’s exactly the case with our partnership with Sunlighten®, the leader in infrared saunas and portable light therapies.

Fabric infused with CELLIANT now covers Sunlighten’s infrared heaters in all its sauna cabins to maximize the infrared available. As well, sauna cushion covers, sauna throw pillow covers, Solo® System SoloPad® covers and sauna curtains will be available soon. Along with the fabric to be used in the sauna, Sunlighten will also be launching the Sauna Linen Collection featuring towels, bath towels, robes and body wraps in luxury cotton infused with CELLIANT.

“At Sunlighten, we are continually looking to innovate, and the addition of CELLIANT is another step toward enhancing and extending our sauna experience,” said Aaron Zack, Sunlighten Co-Founder and CEO.

We’re thrilled to be part of a brand that’s not only a leader in infrared, but are always looking to find new ways to bring infrared wellness to people inside and outside the sauna.