Flocking 101: Understanding Infrared Flocked Fabric Applications

Flock fabric

Nature-based CELLIANT® Viscose is the first in-fiber sustainable viscose infrared (IR) solution. While this development in and of itself is already very innovative, the Hologenix and Kelheim teams continue to push research and development. As a result, CELLIANT Viscose is now being used in an entirely new application: flock fabric and foam. This new application is in partnership with Spectro Coating Corp, the largest vertically integrated flock coating and flock fabric manufacturer in the world.

What is Flocking?

Flocking is an application method in which tiny fibers are piled onto the surface of a textile, creating a velvet-like texture. Flocked fabrics are used in everything from the interior of jewelry boxes, car window seals, and mattresses (with a foam application) to medical fabrics in casts, blood pressure cuffs and braces.

How is Flocking Made?

Flocking is made by applying the short fibers of, in our case, CELLIANT Viscose, onto a substrate that is coated with an adhesive. The fibers are electrostatically and mechanically applied to the substrate to create fibers that are perpendicular to the substrate giving it that velvety feel. For CELLIANT Viscose flocking, the substrate can be fabric or foam. The process of creating the flock is very precise and flock strands are cut very finely, about 1mm or less.

Spectro Coating Corp and Flocking History

Spectro Coating Corp began in 1988 when Hemendra Shah, who was an employee of Vertipile for more than 17 years, was given the opportunity to purchase the idle flock division of Vertipile. He immediately hired back 35 previous Vertipile employees and rebuilt the flocking capabilities of the plant. In the 90s flocking began to grow in importance and Spectro grew to 5 flocking lines running close to 24/7 with 175 employees. Throughout the years Spectro has flourished, while other flocking companies have disappeared, by being innovative and world leaders. The inclusion of CELLIANT Viscose into their product offering is their latest innovation to bring quality and wellness functionality to clients.

Infrared Flocking with CELLIANT Viscose

Nature-based CELLIANT® Viscose is the first in-fiber sustainable viscose infrared (IR) solution on the market and is now available in flocked fabric and foam. This is an exciting and important innovation as it brings wellness to Spectro’s already expansive capabilities.

CELLIANT Viscose provides all the benefits of being a viscose fiber — lightweight, soft, highly breathable, excellent moisture management — plus the wellness benefits of CELLIANT. It works by capturing and converting body heat into infrared energy, resulting in increased local circulation and improved cellular oxygenation. These increases and improvements promote better thermoregulation, quicker recovery from physical exertion, and higher quality sleep.

Applications of CELLIANT Viscose Flocking

CELLIANT Viscose flocking, because of its wellness properties, has huge potential in a number of applications. CELLIANT, and CELLIANT Viscose, have previously operated by being directly embedded into the fiber itself. However, there are product applications where that isn’t always possible. With the CELLIANT Viscose flocking, because the flocked fibers are attached to a substrate, it opens the possibilities for CELLIANT to reach new products. The most exciting product areas include:

  • Home textiles
  • Medical bandages and wraps
  • Braces
  • Transportation upholstery

At CELLIANT, we’re constantly innovating new applications to help more people improve their lives through our infrared wellness benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about incorporating CELLIANT Viscose flocking, or any CELLIANT product, into your own brand’s products, please fill out the form below to connect with a business development representative.

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