Tirolean Mountain Sheep + CELLIANT: A Perfect Match

Tirowool Sheep

Salewa’s TirolWool® CELLIANT collection features natural Tirolean mountain sheep’s wool that has now been combined with performance-enhancing technology, CELLIANT. The line of jackets, vests, gloves and shirts, perfect for ski touring and mountaineering. The Collection is a perfect blend of freedom of movement, insulation and body temperature regulation. CELLIANT captures and converts body heat into infrared energy which improves local circulation, giving the body better temperature regulation as well as more energy, while the Tirolean sheep’s wool is renowned for its outstanding warmth, breathability and insulation—even when wet.

Tirol Mountain Rescue Service

CELLIANT is proud to partner with Salewa as they truly put sustainability and environmental stewardship first. In fact, the TirolWool line came from an idea to outfit members of the Tirol Mountain Rescue Service. Working with the rescue service and the alpine sheep farmers means shorter transport routes, while creating performance apparel for a global audience means a sustainable economy with the alpine farmers.