How CELLIANT Can Enhance Transportation Interiors

Airplane Interiors

A long road trip, commuting to and from the office, a long plane ride to a needed vacation—whatever people are traveling for, there are long periods of sitting and, usually, stress. Imagine if a transportation brand could mitigate stress and bring wellness to sitting. That brand would stand apart, earning customer loyalty and adding another layer to its product storytelling.
CELLIANT infrared technology holds the promise to bring health and wellness benefits to transportation. A blend of naturally occurring minerals, CELLIANT is embedded in textiles and has been proven to increase local circulation and cellular oxygenation. This leads to a long list of wellness benefits that are relevant to the transportation brands, including:

Reinvigorating Automotive Interiors

The automotive industry is innovative almost out of necessity. Each year, a new model of car, truck or van improves on the last. One of the areas for advancement is in new fabrics for the interiors including performance technology and sustainable, environmentally friendly fabrics. Now there’s a new type of technology—infrared.

The importance of passenger vehicle interiors

For most people, their vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases they will make in their lives and they’ll be spending quite a bit of time in them, as Americans spend 8 hours and 22 minutes per week in their vehicles. It’s no wonder that vehicle brands are looking to make the most of their interiors, and consumers are beginning to demand more — creating vehicle interiors that deliver a ‘cabin experience’. Another survey shows that interiors are rapidly gaining on the exterior look as the most important factor in choosing a new car.

With so much importance being placed on interiors, CELLIANT infrared technology is set to deliver the next level in interior differentiation. Infrared technology helps drivers and passengers be more comfortable as CELLIANT has been shown to improve thermoregulation, enhancing other climate adaptive technologies and innovations. The boost in energy that CELLIANT provides helps drivers stay alert and go that extra mile. Since we know that consumers are willing to pay more for things that make them healthier without requiring any behavioral changes (just look at the booming supplements industry as proof), CELLIANT is a wellness technology that can justify an increase in vehicle pricing. Whether incorporated into baseline models, or as an add-on feature for a premium upgrade as vehicle shoppers create their custom build.

Fabric innovations for car seat upholstery

Along with physiological benefits, CELLIANT also speaks to brand and consumer desire for quality, earth-friendly fabrics. We offer CELLIANT with REPREVE, a partnership with REPREVE, the world leaders in recycled polyester. These sustainable fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. We also have CELLIANT Viscose, created in partnership with Kelheim Fibres, and is certified by FSC® or PEFC™, which guarantees the origin of the raw materials is in sustainably managed sources. CELLIANT Viscose is a flexible fiber, blending beautifully with many other fiber types. As vehicle manufacturers place greater emphasis on incorporating natural and recycled fibers into their products, CELLIANT offers solutions.

No matter which fiber CELLIANT is blended with, the result is incredibly durable. Since CELLIANT is embedded directly into the fiber, it will not wear out or wash out. In essence, the CELLIANT has become part of the very fabric.

Car Seat Upholstery in Vehicle Interior


For people who use their vehicles for work, like consumer trucks used in construction, semi-trailer trucks for hauling or heavy-duty industrial vehicles, each could benefit from CELLIANT infrared car seat upholstery. CELLIANT’s passive wellness benefits are perfect for those who spend long hours in their vehicles. Brands can offer this as a benefit to their employees, showing that they care for the well-being of their drivers.

Rejuvenating airline interiors

Ask almost any airplane traveler about their feet during a flight and you’ll likely hear about uncomfortable, swollen feet and legs. There are several reasons for it, but one main reason is the effect of high altitude on the circulatory system. Along with swelling, an airplane’s temperature control rarely works for everyone, with most people either too hot or too cold. CELLIANT infrared technology can mitigate these issues and bring wellness to airline travel for passengers and crew alike, by being embedded in several different textile applications:

Let’s look at the benefits each of these applications can deliver.

Increased local circulation

Similar to compression technology, CELLIANT has been shown to increase local circulation which can help mitigate swelling in the feet and lower legs, especially with an application where the fabric is in contact with the lower leg and foot, such as uniforms and blankets. Our CELLIANT IR socks are a popular pick with travelers and most of our staff will not travel without them.

Temperature regulation

CELLIANT’s ability to increase local circulation helps the body regulate its temperature. That means CELLIANT infused fabrics help passengers and crew stay at the right temperature throughout the flight.

Better sleep

CELLIANT infrared technology can help improve sleep quality and ease of falling asleep. Passengers who cuddle up with a CELLIANT infused blanket and pillow can rest easier on longer routes in hopes of minimizing the experience of jet lag.

Increased energy and improved stamina & endurance

CELLIANT captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, improving cellular oxygenation and increasing local circulation, providing more energy, stamina and endurance. Crew members in a CELLIANT-infused uniform may find themselves feeling fresher and more energetic during their shift as they fly their way through infinite time zones.

Add CELLIANT to Your Raw Materials Sourcing for Transportation Interiors

Automotive and airline brands are rapidly turning their attention to their interiors as a way to differentiate their brand and further their offerings to support their customers. CELLIANT can bring wellness benefits, sustainability, differentiation and compelling product storytelling to any transportation brand.

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