Celebrating Day-to-Day and Sustained Self-Care

More than ever people are taking the idea of self-care to heart. What ‘self-care’ means to individuals can vary widely, but usually we mean something somewhat short-term — from taking a day to rest or a day to get outdoors and connect with nature, for example. A kind of ‘day-to-day’ self-care, if you will. Though we definitely encourage those micro-moments, taking that day (or even 20 minutes) to do just what you need to recharge and rejuvenate yourself, we also want to ensure we highlight a more long-term point of view on self-care. Something we call ‘sustained self-care.’

There are so many ways people can focus on caring for their own needs over the long-term. Some are well-known: eating a balanced, healthy diet, getting the right amount of sleep, and exercising regularly come to mind immediately. But there are so many other ways people promote their own sense of self-care, ways that they sustain and make a part of their daily lives — they take vitamins daily, spend at least 140 minutes per week outside, or get 7-10 hours of sleep nightly.

CELLIANT infrared fabrics can also play a meaningful role in a sustained self-care plan. CELLIANT-powered apparel works to help you recover faster from physical activity and to sleep better simply by wearing it or having it in your bedding. It’s an automated form of self-care in the sense that you do nothing other than wear your clothes or sleep in your bed as CELLIANT captures and converts your body heat into infrared energy, which increases your local circulation and improves cellular oxygenation. This has been clinically proven to have myriad wellness benefits.

This all explains why we are so excited to see Lahgo, the sleep and loungewear brand for men, differentiating itself with a self-care wellness message. In fact, they’ve created a collection, the Self-Care Edit, based around a philosophy of self-care that comes first, as the foundation to all we do. It’s about fostering an environment that relaxes and recharges you, setting your day up for enhanced ease as you move about it. The items in this beautiful collection are powered by CELLIANT and designed to be comforting and comfortable.

Self-care is becoming a powerful, and welcome, idea. From those days or minutes where you take a moment to rejuvenate yourself, to those long-term, sustained self-care routines that help you stay and feel well, we think all things you do to re-energize yourself are worth celebrating.