Celliant’s commitment to quality and consistency is proven
by the rigorous testing each product line undergoes,
including ash, emissivity and TCP02 testing.


We verify that Celliant is the active ingredient in any product line through ash testing. We heat a sample to 750+C for 4 hours to burn off the carrier and eliminate any other organic material, thus proving the formulation is uniquely Celliant.

Emissivity Testing

higher Emissivity

Celliant is proven to offer higher spectral reflectance and transmittance in emissivity tests which show the ratio of radiant energy emitted by the Celliant-powered product.


Transcutaneous Oximetry Pressure (TCPO2) testing measures the amount of oxygen availability in the tissues of human test subjects. Through our extensive testing, Celliant is proven to increase oxygen levels a minimum average of 7%. To date, Celliant has conducted over 1,000 TCPO2 tests.

average increase8.4%