After a good workout or a long day at work, CELLIANT-powered apparel is clinically
demonstrated to help you recover from physical fatigue faster—all while you’re running
errands, watching a show or reading a good book.

The New Frontier
of Recovery

Infrared technology plays a key role in keeping NASA astronauts healthy on space missions, and that’s why Virgin Galactic uses CELLIANT in the baselayer of their spacesuits. Innovating new frontiers of performance and recovery across multiple, and emerging, product categories, the world’s leading brands are powered by CELLIANT.

body heat into
faster recovery

CELLIANT’s naturally occurring minerals capture body heat and convert it into full-spectrum infrared energy, which has been clinically validated to improve local circulation and increase oxygen. This helps you recover quicker from physical exertion.

More comfort
means better rest

CELLIANT-powered fabrics improve the body’s ability to regulate your temperature, keeping you more comfortable while you’re relaxing.