Get Back What You Put In

Celliant Responsive Fibers redirect natural, recycled energy back to the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen levels in the tissue.This translates to faster recovery, as muscles benefit from improved circulation to clear metabolic waste (lactic acid buildup). This helps your cells perform at optimal levels. The result is superior muscle performance and faster recovery to enhance the time you spend chasing your personal bests’.

Regeneration. Ignited By Your Core.

The energy that Celliant recycles back to the body triggers vasodilation in the capillary bed and makes more oxygen available to your cells. This results in more fuel for your body to perform recovery and maintenance tasks while recharging.

Recovery. Hanging In Your Closet.

Celliant technology is clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels and increase sleep quality, so time spent recovering is more efficient and effective with Celliant.

Recover. With Infrared-Emitting Fibers.

Celliant technology enhances tissue oxygen levels, balances body temperature, improves sleep quality, and speeds recovery to maximize the impact of time spent recharging. Feel better, faster with Celliant, and enable your body to recover at its maximum potential.

Your Energy. Your Recovery.

A New Way to Recover.

Infrared light penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, resulting in quicker recovery. Powered by our own metabolism, Celliant’s technical fibers gives the body a recovery boost by harnessing natural, infrared energy converted from body heat. Don’t waste your energy. Efficiently recycle it with Celliant.

Fatigue. A Thing Of The Past?

Reduce fatigue and expedite recovery with Celliant fiber technology. Make the time you spend resting, count!

Recovery Technology. For Professional Athletes.

Designed with professional athletes in mind, Celliant’s technical textiles harness your body’s natural energy to expedite recovery times and overall wellbeing.

Enhancing Circulation. A Natural Way to Recover.

Incite better cellular performance with Celliant. Enhance how your body oxygenates and your cells regenerate, while minimizing your body’s lost energy with clinically proven, technical textiles that change how your body responds to fatigue. Experience a new way to recover with the future of Smart Fabrics.

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