Under Armour Unveils Rush, Performance Wear Powered by CELLIANT

Under Armour Rush

Under Armour is constantly innovating their performance apparel to ‘make you better’ and that innovation reached a milestone with the launch of UA Rush, powered by CELLIANT.

Because CELLIANT captures and converts body heat as infrared energy, effectively using your own energy to give you the benefits of improved athletic performance and enhanced stamina, the fit between CELLIANT and Under Armour is nearly perfect. As Dan Leraris, Under Armour’s GM of men’s training puts it, “This one is so pure to what our brand’s mission is, which is making you better, that we really didn’t need any other fancy slogans or missions behind it.” He adds, “We’ve always made products that you can do things in, but I don’t know if we’ve made products that do things for you as well. That’s a subtle difference, but a key difference, in what I think is Under Armour creating a new frontier, being the originators of performance apparel.”

Under Armour’s stable of athletes has had access to Rush apparel before it will be available to the public. Notre Dame football wore Rush during its College Football Playoff run. All NFL draft prospects were given Rush performance wear for February’s scouting combine. While Warriors superstar Steph Curry, heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, U.S. women’s national team soccer player Kelley O’Hara, and Chinese volleyball player Zhu Ting are all Rush brand ambassadors.

Under Armour’s new line of Rush sportswear will be available to the public on Apr. 11, 2019.