Maximize Performance with CELLIANT-Powered Tecnica Ski Boots

CELLIANT-Powered Tecnica Ski Boots
For over 60 years, Tecnica Group has been committed to their vision of inspiring an active outdoor life by creating amazing experiences through outstanding products. And we can confidently confirm that they’ve succeeded. Tecnica ski boots are best-in-class for superior fit, performance and quality. No matter what you prioritize in your boots—precision, out-of-the-box comfort, or versatility—Tecnica’s wide selection of all-mountain, freeride, on-piste, racing and touring boots deliver. Tecnica’s dedication to innovating incredible products resonates with us at CELLIANT®, where we strive to infuse the health and wellness benefits of infrared technology into world-class products while working towards our mission of amplifying human potential. That’s why we’re so proud that CELLIANT powers 26 styles of Tecnica high-performance ski boots.

About Tecnica Ski Boots with CELLIANT

CELLIANT infrared technology captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, which increases local circulation and improves cellular oxygenation to support performance and faster recovery. There are three Tecnica product lines that feature CELLIANT-powered styles:
CELLIANT IR-emitting bioceramics are embedded into Tecnica’s anatomically shaped ski boot liner, allowing for physiological benefits such increased comfort, strength, stamina and endurance, as well as temperature regulation to keep your feet warm and fresh all day, no matter what weather you face. We understand the importance of gear you can rely on when you are leaving it all on the mountain. CELLIANT also provides advantageous mechanical properties to the liner fabric itself, such as quicker dry time and durability, and will last for the entire useful life of the boot.


One thing we look for in the brand partners we work with is a penchant for evolving in similar directions based on a constant road map for innovation and progress toward sustainable outcomes. At CELLIANT, we are constantly innovating more-sustainable solutions, such as our nature-based CELLIANT® Viscose as well as our latest innovation, CELLIANT® with REPREVE®, to make progress on minimizing our carbon footprint and aim to partner with like-minded brands who are taking strides towards their own green initiatives. We are glad to have found this partner in Tecnica. Tecnica takes this to the next level with their revolutionary Recycle Your Boots program, in which skiers can return their old ski boots from any brand to Tecnica to recycle completely in a transparent and sustainable process.

Featured Tecnica Products

While Tecnica offers CELLIANT-powered boots to fit every need, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite styles that are sure to be your next go-to pair.


The Mach1 MV 130 TD is the benchmark for high-performance ski boots. The MV 130 TD gets its edge from its superior fit, achieved with an anatomically shaped CELLIANT liner equipped with Custom Adaptive Shape C.A.S. technology that allows for customization or comfort right out of the box. The addition of CELLIANT infrared technology returns energy to your body while you ski, increasing local circulation and improving cellular oxygenation, ensuring you—and your gear—are performing your best.
Tecnica Mach1 MV 130 TD GW


If resort and backcountry tours are your thing, look no further than the Cochise Pro W. The Cochise Pro offers the perfect combination of comfort and function with a 50-degree range of motion in walk mode, an asymmetric design for power transfer to the inside edge, and a high-performance CELLIANT liner to increase local circulation, improve cellular oxygenation and support thermoregulation.
Tecnica Cochise Pro W DYN GW


If you are an intermediate female skiier, the Mach Sport MV 85 GW was made for you. Designed to deliver comfort and confidence, the Mach Sport features an NFS liner powered by CELLIANT to provide a warm, more comfortable, secure fit. The boot features additional technologies such as Tecnica’s C.A.S. Cuff Adapt System, which makes it easy to adjust the volume around the calf to fit your lower leg, and the Women’s Natural Stance, which keeps you perfectly balanced on the slopes.
Tecnica Mach Sport MV 85 W GW

Amplifying Outdoor Gear with the Infrared Advantage

CELLIANT is a natural fit for sports equipment manufacturers like Tecnica and can be incorporated into other outdoor gear such as insulated gloves, wetsuits, base layers, infrared socks and recovery blankets. If you are interested in discussing how CELLIANT infrared technology can help differentiate your brand’s outdoor products and athletic apparel, as well as why sports enthusiasts are some of CELLIANT’s biggest fans, fill out the form below to get in touch with our team.