ISPO Munich 2022: The World’s Largest Sports Trade Show

ISPO Munich is where the sports industry has come together for the past 50 years to share the product innovations that will shape the future of sports. It is the world’s largest trade event for the sportswear and sporting goods industry.

First introduced in 1970, ISPO takes place annually at Neue Messe Munchen, showing the latest innovations in outdoor, ski/snow, running, fitness, sportswear, team sports and other related categories. ISPO Munich it is part of the larger ecosystem of ISPO shows, which also include ISPO Beijing, ISPO Shanghai, and Outdoor by ISPO.

This year, ISPO 2022 will be held on November 28-30, and is all about ‘New Perspectives in Sports’ with themes of sustainability, innovation, diversity and retail. In addition to the exhibitions by the participating brands, the heart of the ISPO is the Future Lab with curated areas that gives an overview of innovative products, new market players, sustainability concepts and solution providers for the sports business of the future.

We’ll be looking forward to the Future Lab, all the great speakers and meeting with as many partners, manufacturers, designers, suppliers, retailers, sports studios, shops, and journalists as we can.


There are two types of awards that ISPO gives out: The ISPO Awards and the ISPO Textrend Awards. The ISPO Awards are for outstanding products and services while the ISPO Textrend Awards honors the most innovative fibers, fabrics, and component materials in the sports and outdoor industry.

ISPO Awards

The ISPO Awards highlight and honor the most outstanding products and services in sports. Award winners are not only in the spotlight at the OutDoor by ISPO and ISPO Munich trade fairs, but also benefit from international reach throughout the year. CELLIANT® brand partners such as Blackroll and Tecnica have been ISPO Award winners for their outstanding products in recent years.

ISPO Textrends Awards

The ISPO Awards are not to be confused with the ISPO Textrends Awards, which are the counterpart for the companies who create innovative fibers, fabrics and component materials in the sports and outdoor industry to enter. Held twice a year, the award is based on trends for the textile and apparel sector, set by expert forecasters two years in advance. So, while this November’s show is the ISPO 2022 show, awards are being designated for F/W 2024/25.

Past winners of the ISPO Textrends Awards include:

Hologenix’s flagship product CELLIANT has also won two ISPO Textrends Awards. The first was for our sustainable CELLIANT product, CELLIANT Viscose, was selected as a finalist in the same category for the Fall/Winter 2022/23 ISPO Textrends Awards. The second was for our CELLIANT in pure white as a Top Ten winner in the Fibers & Insulation Category of the Fall 2023/24 ISPO Textrends Awards.

This year, we’re excited to be unveiling our newest winning innovation, a third consecutive Fall/Winter Textrends Award, so be sure to visit the Textrends Hub at ISPO Munich to learn more.


This year’s ISPO is focused on ‘New Perspectives in Sports’ and is based on the following themes:

There’s so much in these themes that we’re excited to see and are relevant for us and our partners. Let’s break down the themes and see how they relate to us here at CELLIANT.


This one is a no-brainer. We’re always innovating new solutions for CELLIANT products. In fact, last week we announced our partnership with UNIFI, makers of REPREVE, to introduce CELLIANT with REPREVE, a performance fiber from recycled materials. Prior innovations include our ISPO Textrends Award-winners, pure white CELLIANT and CELLIANT Viscose.

So, we’re really excited about any innovation that is moving towards improving health and wellness — especially fabrics since there’s such an opportunity to build passive benefits into the clothes we wear for athletic performance and recovery.


Improving our sustainability and finding sustainable partnerships is always one of our top goals. We’re excited to see the direction fabrics are headed with regard to sustainability and to discuss the sustainable advantages of CELLIANT Viscose and CELLIANT with REPREVE. CELLIANT Viscose is CELLIANT’s infrared wellness embedded into plant based viscose, made from wood harvested in sustainably managed forests. We created CELLIANT Viscose in partnership with Kelheim Fibres, who are world leaders in sustainable viscose. CELLIANT with REPREVE is our CELLIANT infrared wellness embedded in the fabrics created from recycled bottles by REPREVE.


Diversity is also a theme that is close to our hearts. To have the best ideas and innovations, you need as many perspectives as possible. For example, as we, and other textile brands, are moving into a new spaces like femtech, we need to be extremely cognizant of how best to serve this marketplace. In the case of femtech, it requires female leadership roles to offer perspectives that help ensure health and wellness needs of women are considered and met.


For ingredient brands like us at CELLIANT, retail plays an important role. We have to help train brand partners on how to explain the technology at the retail level. We have to find ways to help our brand partners become experts on our technology, so they can convey the advantages of CELLIANT to their customers. We’re really committed to this at CELLIANT because we take the idea of partnership very seriously. We do things like work with brand partner sales associates and offer assistance with co-marketing efforts, and any in-store materials to help convey the benefits of our technology.


If you’re planning on being at ISPO Munich this year, please let us know and we’d love to connect. Senior Business Developer Lucas Tyson and European Business Developer Kresimir Hernaus will be on-site taking meetings and answering questions. And, if you’re not able to make it but want to learn about CELLIANT, we’d love to hear from you too.





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