Revive With Calvin Klein CELLIANT


These days it feels like we could all use more quality moments where the focus is on our well-being. More than just time off, we need ways to de-stress, rejuvenate and take good care of our mental and physical health.

One important way to do that is through better quality sleep. When we put quality sleep as one of our top priorities, we do our health and well-being a great service. We all know this, but it can be very difficult to actually put it into practice.

This is one of many reasons why we’re so thrilled about our new partnership with Calvin Klein, with the launch of Calvin Klein Revive CELLIANT, a ten piece women’s capsule collection bringing more focused awareness to quality sleep. For us, this is about more than just the launch of a new collection. It’s about the importance of sleep in our lives. And Calvin Klein, an iconic heritage brand that connects with so many people, championing a message of ‘loungewear for deep sleep’, helps give sleep the importance it should have in our lives. At CELLIANT, this message fits perfectly with our point of view on sustained self-care, which is all about thinking of self-care as a journey of maximizing your own wellness over the long-term with sustainable habits and lifestyle. We are incredibly proud of this partnership.

Every piece in the Calvin Klein Revive CELLIANT collection, including tank tops, long sleeves, joggers and rompers, captures and converts your body heat into infrared energy, which is reflected back into your body. This is demonstrated to increase your local circulation and improve your cellular oxygenation, which helps you stay at the perfect temperature so you wake less and recover faster as you sleep. Offered in both classic black and a beautiful orchid blush, the items feature minimal seams for increased soft comfort while lounging or sleeping, weaving in wellness with every detail. Over the long term, good sleep adds up to more than just a better day; it adds up to better overall well-being.

The Calvin Klein Revive CELLIANT collection is available now, exclusively at