Sleep Better & Recharge

Sleeping on Celliant is designed to improve your sleep quality. After all, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Shouldn’t we make that time count?

Sleep. On Celliant.

A better night’s sleep is only a sheet away. Promote restful sleep and increased comfort with Celliant Sleep Technology.

A New Way to Recharge.

Enjoy a new kind of sleep with Celliant. Effectively convert body heat into infrared energy, and feel the difference in the morning.

A Clinically Proven Safe Haven. For Sound Sleep.

Celliant used in bedding has been clinically proven to enhance the rest from sleep, with  subjects reducing time spent awake at night (after falling asleep) by 18.3 minutes, based on a study conducted at UC irvine.

Find Refuge. Between Your Sheets.

A Natural Way to Sleep Better.

Fall asleep faster with a clinically validated sleep environment. Wake up with purpose, and take on the evening with your body’s natural, electromagnetic energy. There’s no better sleeping companion.

Temperature Control. For Your Bedding.

Create a thermoregulating sleep environment with Celliant’s infrared-light-therapy-infused bedding material. Regulate your body temperature, and transform body heat into recyclable energy that can help you heal.

Regeneration. Oxygenation. Your Cells’ Peak Performance.

Improve the oxygenation of cells, and enable your body to perform maintenance and preservation tasks that promote well being easier and more often throughout the night with Celliant. Experience increased blood flow and oxygen levels, and sleep soundly with natural, woven minerals proven to help you find a deeper, more rewarding sleep.

Technical Fibers. For Sleep Recovery.

Infrared energy enhances cell function, which means injuries heal quicker, pain subsides faster, and stamina and endurance are amplified. This is all sewn into Celliant’s technical bedding materials, and the positive effects will never subside with wash, use, or wear.

Sleep Technology. For Outer Space.

Currently, NASA is experimenting with light therapy to regulate the sleep of astronauts. The same methodologies are sewn into Celliant’s technical fibers to help find deep sleep, fast; while promoting a state of divine rest that rejuvenates and revitalizes every fiber of your being.

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