Draper Therapies: Creating CELLIANT-powered Products for Horses, Dogs and Humans

This article is 3+ years old, and may not reflect the most recent information.​​

This is a guest post by Becky Shipps, Manager of Draper Therapies, a long-time CELLIANT brand partner.

Draper Therapies didn’t start out as an equestrian and canine brand, but many customers would agree that the brand has certainly gone to the dogs! Since its inception in 2006, Draper Therapies has brought high-quality CELLIANT® products for horses, dogs and humans to the marketplace. What started off as an experiment quickly turned into a brand with technology ahead of its time.
Fifteen years ago, Draper Knitting—parent company to Draper Therapies—was given some CELLIANT fiber and asked to knit it into a usable fabric. The fabric sample was successfully knit and not long after, a friend of the company came into the office limping. She explained that she had fallen off her horse and had a bruise the size of a dinner plate on her back/hip area. Kristin, president of Draper Knitting and Therapies, gave her a piece of the CELLIANT sample, explained what it was supposed to do, and told her to let us know if she thought it worked. She called the next day and couldn’t believe how much the little swatch had helped her! She was so impressed with the results that she wanted some for her senior dog and horse.
From there, the concept for Draper Therapies was born. The product line started with socks, t-shirts, blankets, and sleep liners. Human joint supports, pet blankets, and saddle pads came shortly after. Draper Therapies now offers a number of canineequine, and human products, all made here in the U.S. The product line is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.

“We have a very loyal and active customer base,” says manager Becky Shipps. ”Many of them have been with us since the beginning. Our customers have supported us over the years and we listen closely to their feedback so we can create products that will truly make their lives better.”

Producing products that help people, either with CELLIANT or through our ethical manufacturing practices, is important to Draper Therapies. All CELLIANT fabric that goes into our products is produced at their knitting mill in Canton, MA. All the finished products are assembled here in the USA by a network of other small businesses. Manufacturing and assembling domestically helps support the local economy, two aspects of business that are important to both Draper companies.

“Helping our customers—whether that customer is a horse, dog or human—feel their best is our priority,” says Becky. “With animals, there’s no real placebo effect. Either they like a product or they don’t. We’ve had so many people come to us after trying other restorative products. The humans were skeptical because maybe they didn’t see a difference in the dog’s behavior with other products. Or maybe the last sheet they put on their horse ended up in shreds because the horse didn’t like it. We have so many customers who came to us initially as skeptics but now use our products as part of their everyday care routines because they can see the difference in their animal. Because with animals, seeing the difference, whether it be in their physical body or in their behavior, is believing.”

To learn more about the Draper Therapies product line or Draper Knitting’s CELLIANT fabrics, please contact info@drapertherapies.com.