A Word with Sarah Bergman, PureCare VP of Marketing & Product Development

PureCare is a leader in wellness through sleep essentials. This is an important mission always, but especially in the times we find ourselves in. With their line of top-of-bed products — pillows, sheets, protectors, blankets, weighted blankets — PureCare is constantly looking at what innovations they can provide that further their wellness mission.

In 2012, PureCare met Hologenix, creators of CELLIANT, and launched their first CELLIANT infused Recovery collection in 2013. So we caught up with PureCare’s VP of Marketing and Product Development, the always energetic Sarah Bergman, to talk a bit about that history and what’s happening with PureCare and CELLIANT today.

Thanks for joining us Sarah. Can you tell us how PureCare became focused on wellness?

It actually began with the original founder, before we were even known as PureCare, who had a family member that struggled with allergens. He developed an advanced material, we still use it in our products today, that helped eradicate allergens from the sleep environment. That kicked off the idea of what PureCare is founded on, wellness and innovation. Because we are always looking for what else we can bring to people beyond a really comfortable sleep. We love to provide people with options to mix and match wellness and protection along with comfort, of course, to create a sleep environment that works for them.

And one of those things PureCare can bring to people is recovery and better sleep with CELLIANT… 

Exactly. We look for products and partners that match our wellness mission and also help us differentiate PureCare. We don’t want to put a spin on cotton sheets that are just cotton sheets, like so many other bedding brands. We want to offer people something really different and that can make a difference in their lives. CELLIANT certainly checks both of those boxes and also helps with something else that is really important to us — transparency and earning our customers’ trust. CELLIANT does that with their scientific approach with trials and studies.

It sounds like PureCare and CELLIANT are not only a match in terms of products but also in philosophy of wellness and innovation, would you agree with that?

Absolutely. I definitely believe in CELLIANT and it’s such a great way to give people more from their sleep environment. And that’s really what people expect and look for from PureCare. Also, we love Hologenix’s drive to push the boundaries of what CELLIANT can be. We are always looking at what Hologenix is working on or bringing out that we can incorporate into our products. Which reminds me, after this I have a product development meeting and we need to talk about the new CELLIANT Viscose, but I can’t say too much about that now…

Definitely keep us posted. And finally, do you yourself use PureCare’s CELLIANT Recovery collection?

Well, I am a runner and am always looking to get any advantage to recover faster, feel better and just improve my overall wellbeing. But beyond even that, I really love the feel of our CELLIANT collection. CELLIANT embedded in sheets has this gorgeous texture to it. So if I can sleep on really beautiful sheets and recover faster, why wouldn’t I do that? So, to answer your question, absolutely I sleep with our CELLIANT Recovery collection.