XCEL + CELLIANT: Surfing & Diving for All Conditions

We’ve proudly partnered with XCEL since 2014 to bring infrared innovation to their products, creating wetsuits that give surfers and divers the performance and temperature regulation they need no matter the conditions. The partnership has been a huge success as XCEL wetsuits are industry leaders, even being used by the U.S. military.  

XCEL: World-Class Products for All Conditions

XCEL was founded in 1982 and their devotion to innovation and product development is, as they say, the defining characteristic of their brand. It makes sense, too, because the founder Ed D’Ascoli grew up surfing New Jersey’s cold Atlantic waters, moved to Sunset Beach where he surfed, and made wetsuits for the temperate Hawaii surf scene. Spanning this range of water temperature is built into the core of XCEL and the product development has led them to create wetsuits and drysuits for water temperatures from Hawaii to the Arctic Circle and expand beyond surf, into products for dive, UV protection, paddle, wake, and even for the U.S. Navy Seals. 

U.S. Navy Seals wearing CELLIANT-powered XCEL wetsuit

At CELLIANT®, we like to partner with like-minded brands. XCEL has recently announced that they are targeting 2026 to be completely neoprene free. We couldn’t be more excited about the announcement and applaud XCEL’s commitment. 

CELLIANT Infrared Tech Brings Performance & Thermoregulation to the Water

CELLIANT is a great fit for XCEL wetsuits with infrared’s ability to boost performance and also help the body more easily thermoregulate.  

CELLIANT works by capturing and converting body heat into infrared energy. This infrared energy increases the local circulation, which has a number of benefits. It improves strength, endurance and stamina — all things any surfer or diver could use to perform stronger. The increase in local circulation also helps the body thermoregulate so you stay at the right temperature. That means people stay cooler when they’re hot and warmer when they’re cold (like when they’re surfing in New Jersey). 

Surfer wearing CELLIANT-powered XCEL wetsuit in cold conditions.


When we’re talking about warmth and performance, XCEL’s Drylock Series is unmatched. These are XCEL’s most comfortable and warmest suits made for the most demanding conditions.  

The Drylock series offers water-tight construction with unparalleled warmth, an interior chest panel infused with CELLIANT infrared technology and head-to-toe Channel Flex exterior. The Drylock X version features a larger CELLIANT-infused panel that extends from the chest to the knee, as well as stitch-free power seam technology, and the 100% waterproof zipper system. 

The Differences Between Drylock and Drylock X


Drylock 4/3: This is the suit that pulled me away from 45 years of unwavering devotion to one of your prime competitors. Plainly spoken, it’s the warmest and most comfortable wetsuit I’ve ever had, hands down.

– Mike C.

Warmest fullsuit I have worn: This wetsuit is worth every penny. The Drylock X is warmest wetsuit I have ever worn. At first the entry and exit was a bit tough but after a handful of uses it broke in. This thing is flexible and beyond warm. If you want the most premiere suit in the market, this suit is it.

– Bryan C.

Drylock X 4/3 Hoodless: Used this suit for two sessions and very pleased so far. A bit more costly than other options out there, but the quality and features seem to be worth it. Very little water got in after several good wipe-outs. Was warm and comfortable in about 50 degree F water and 5-10 mph wind. Flexible, warm, and comfortable.

– Brian C.


XCEL’s best-selling Comp X Series is enhanced with similar technologies to the Drylock Series, featuring a CELLIANT infrared-infused material from neck to ankle that supports the body’s ability to generate heat and regulate temperature while increasing comfort and performance. The infrared interior in this top tier series can be identified by the material’s unique heat map pattern.

A Look at Comp X Wetsuits


Great suit as always! Now surfing for over 30 years and Xcel is the only brand I wear. The new technology only gets better year after year! This suit does nothing less than impress — thank you Xcel for continuing to rollout great products for those of us with larger legs and shoulders. 

– Chris

Favorite wetsuit. Fit is perfect for me. MT and 6’2, 180 lbs. Keeps me warm in water temp upper 60s to low 70s assuming relatively warm air temp. Favorite wetsuit for Southern California summers and fall. Easy in and out. Very flexible. High quality.

– Jacob B.

Shred hard in this thing. I would rather wear this instead of trunks. So flexible it feels like you aren’t wearing a suit.

– Talan


CELLIANT is an ideal fit for performance sports brands with the infrared technology’s ability to power improved performance and more efficient body thermoregulation. These benefits also help brands with product storytelling and give a strong point of differentiation from competitors 

If you’re interested in adding CELLIANT to your brand’s athletic collections, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get in touch with our Business Development team.