How is CELLIANT Tested?


When it comes to infrared waves of light, they are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond what is visible to the human eye. Because infrared is therefore an “invisible” technology, we are often asked, “do CELLIANT products really work?” and “how is CELLIANT tested?”

After all, if you cannot see or feel something working it is difficult to know whether it is doing its job. While some people may feel a light tingling sensation when interacting with a product that contains CELLIANT, others may feel no immediate sensation at all.

However, we know that CELLIANT works because Hologenix relies on the use of four different tests that analyze products that contain CELLIANT. Our testing protocol is overseen by our Director of Testing and Compliance and Testing Technicians at our IRB registered laboratory. These tests are designed in partnership with our Science Advisory Board to ensure quality control and efficacy, so that any product containing CELLIANT has the proper amount of CELLIANT minerals loaded into it. With the proper bioceramic content, and following passing test results, we know that CELLIANT-powered products will produce no less than the minimum requirement needed to have a demonstrable result for the user. This is a standard that we hold all of our authorized premiere mill partners accountable to so that our consumers have consistency and peace of mind.

To learn more about how CELLIANT is tested, we invite you into our laboratory and testing protocol with the short film below which provides the answers to “how is CELLIANT tested?”

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