How CELLIANT Helps Hospitality Brands Tap Into Wellness and Travel Trends

Hotel wellness amenities

Welcome to our industry spotlight series, where we take a deep dive into the industries where CELLIANT is making its mark. Today, we discuss how CELLIANT helps hospitality brands tap into wellness and travel trends, allowing them to stand out with new and unique ways to inspire their guests. Among other topics, you’ll learn about the future of wellness and travel trends, how textile suppliers stand out by helping hotels stand out, how infrared wellness offers a point of differentiation including case studies from our partners, and why and how to add CELLIANT to your hospitality products.  

The Future of Wellness Travel Trends

There is no doubt wellness is one of the largest and fastest-growing trends in travel. A part of the luxury travel market, the wellness travel market is projected to hit $1.3 trillion in 2025. Yes, we said trillion. Luxury travel advisor network Virtuoso claims that 21% of their clients globally travel with the intention of improving their well-being, and 29% say they intend to travel with that purpose in the future. 

Hotels are looking to capitalize off of the latest wellness and travel trends, showing they are aligned with this mindset by developing inspiring and creative offerings to entice these well-traveled guests. Some are creating hotel wellness rooms to cater to these luxury travelers, others offer guided meditation retreats, and others focus on traveling for recovery and mindful activities such as arts and crafts. No matter what shape their programming takes, it is clear that hotels and hospitality brands are going to great lengths to differentiate themselves in the wellness space.  

Hotel wellness amenities

Textile Suppliers Stand Out by Helping Hotels Stand Out

Hospitality textile suppliers can help the hotel brands they work with, and attract new hotels, by providing wholesale textiles for hotels that fit in with the latest luxury wellness travel trends. High end travelers expect high end fabrics for towels, bedding and robes, but these expectations are the minimum. Suppliers need product offerings that go beyond, offering innovative wellness solutions that appeal to hotels and their guests. 

If suppliers can help inspire hospitality brands to design their sheets, mattresses, towels and robes to capitalize on the holistic wellness experience, they stand to benefit as industry leaders, compounding the wellness innovation they are doing in other areas of the luxury travel experience.

Infrared provides wellness benefits as a Point of Differentiation

Infrared technology like CELLIANT® is one way that textile suppliers can bring innovation that truly differentiates to their hotel clients. CELLIANT is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring minerals that can be embedded into, or printed on top of, textile-based products. It captures and converts body heat into infrared energy resulting in increased local circulation and improved cellular oxygenation, along with several other wellness benefits including: 

These benefits align perfectly with hotel and spa brands by giving them additional storytelling opportunities to attract luxury wellness travelers. Every textile becomes a potential wellness storytelling point.


Sunlighten Saunas are the global leaders in personalized infrared light therapy, offering a variety of infrared sauna solutions. Sunlighten saw the opportunity to provide a 360 infrared experience for their sauna customers by utilizing CELLIANT to create sauna towels, wraps and covers all infused with infrared technology, effectively extending the relaxation and benefits of the sauna to the accessories that accompany it. Forward-thinking brands can similarly integrate CELLIANT into ways for their customers to further their health and wellness goals.

Sunlighten CELLIANT®-infused body wrap towel


In addition to the emphasis on wellness, luxury market travelers are also prioritizing eco-friendly travel and sustainable ways of interacting with the destinations to which they travel. According to a FloWater poll, nearly 6 in 10 travelers with average incomes of over $100,000 are willing to pay more for sustainable lodging. Therefore, the material choices and ingredients that hotels are incorporating stand to increase value propositions for their customers.  


For hotel and hospitality brands seeking to elevate their sustainability offerings, they need to choose partners whose values align. For CELLIANT, progress has meant expanding our carrier solutions from an all-synthetic line-up to now offering recycled and nature-based options. CELLIANT Viscose and rPET infused fabrics add to wellness storytelling with sustainability. 

Natural CELLIANT Viscose

CELLIANT Viscose is an award-winning in-fiber sustainable viscose infrared solution that is made from wood which has been certified by FSC® or PEFC™, which guarantees the origin of the raw materials is in sustainably managed sources. It blends beautifully with cotton, micromodal, lyocell, wool varieties (including cashmere), and other fibers.

CELLIANT with REPREVE® Recycled Polyester

CELLIANT with REPREVE is our award-winning rPET partnership with REPREVE, the global leader in recycled performance fibers. CELLIANT with REPREVE is well-suited for mattress ticking and bedding among other uses. Travelers will rest assured that their hotel bedding is not only giving them more restful sleep thanks to the infrared advantage, but is better for the earth as well.

Additional CELLIANT Considerations for the Hospitality Industry

Not every hotel chain caters to the upper echelon of luxury travelers. For hotels that may be less concerned with wellness offerings and infrared benefits, it is worth looking at some additional considerations that present a case for why CELLIANT is a fit for the hospitality industry.  


Beyond wellness benefits, any innovation has to be able to withstand the rigorous washing conditions of hospitality textiles. Since CELLIANT is embedded directly into the fabric it’s as durable as the fabric itself. CELLIANT will never wash out and will continue to provide benefits for the useful life of the textile. 

In addition, fabrics infused with CELLIANT have several mechanical benefits; for example, quick drying and odor inhibition properties. For further details on our mechanical test research, or to conduct an experiment as to how CELLIANT could save its partners from high energy costs, contact us.

Textile fibers


In addition to the previously discussed natural viscose and recycled polyester options, CELLIANT has limitless diverse solutions. The ability to offer infrared technology in a variety of different fabrics helps satisfy hotel and resort demands for all areas of their properties. CELLIANT can be infused into: 

Additionally, CELLIANT Print solutions are highly versatile and can be applied to any textile supplier’s existing preferred fabric library, opening an even wider range of CELLIANT-powered products.

Add CELLIANT to your textile offering for hospitality brands

Hospitality brands are looking to get ahead of the wellness travel trend. CELLIANT can bring wellness benefits, sustainability, differentiation and compelling product storytelling to any hospitality brand through bedding, mattresses, sleepwear and towels.

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