CELLIANT Is Giving Consumers What They Want: Purpose and Performance

Consumers will always crave new options, but only recently have they become more particular about which brands get their dollars. According to a  2021 Razorfish study, buyers don’t just want to try different products; they want to try products that serve a bigger purpose. In fact, 82% of study participants said the brands they invested in were purpose-driven. 

Companies within the sustainable textile industry that areeager to explore the manufacturing and sales of innovative fabricsshould keep this penchant in mind. To meet demands, some companies might create sustainable textilesthat multitask and improve consumers’ well-being. Or they might focus on delivering textile innovationsolutions with minimal environmental impacts. Either way, they must keep ever-changing consumer expectations in mind when innovating.

Often, cost or supply chain considerations might reign supreme in the decision-making process, rendering textile innovation an afterthought. However, by approaching textile innovation and innovative fabrics with a more customer-first perspective, brands can show their willingness to adapt, diversify, and deliver. This approach also positions them to keep up with future sustainable textile industry changes. 

We’ve folded purpose into developing and deploying CELLIANT®, our flagship product. For example, we know that physical health remains a significant post-pandemic priority for many people. Yet, consumers don’t always have the bandwidth to dedicate themselves to getting the benefits of self-care. CELLIANT marries these desires by being non-invasive and “invisible.” By using CELLIANT-powered textile products such as apparel, bedding, furniture upholstery, infrared medical wraps, or bandages, consumers can achieve some of their wellness goals comfortably and purposefully. Thus, the brands incorporating CELLIANT into their product lines build loyalty and emotional connections with their consumers because they have helped consumers solve a challenge and improve their quality of day-to-day living.


CELLIANT isn’t a standalone product; it is an ingredient that improves products you already know and love. It’s a proprietary blend of natural, bioceramic minerals embedded into fibers and yarns to create bio-responsive textiles. These textiles capture and convert escaping body heat into infrared energy, which has been clinically demonstrated to increase local circulation and cellular oxygenation to promote restful sleep and enhance performance and recovery.

Unlike other so-called “smart” textiles and textile product ingredients, CELLIANT is differentiated through its clinical studies, which have been published in respected industry journals. Additionally, CELLIANT has a Science Advisory Board that oversees continual clinical research, including nine peer-reviewed, published studies demonstrating the effectiveness and benefits of infrared. These are just some of CELLIANT’s notable hallmarks — and prime reasons it has played a crucial role in the following textile innovations:

1. Residential Infrared Fabrics

When three major players in the home and self-care markets get together, it’s an exciting partnership. Wellness Textures, the Crypton x CELLIANT collection available exclusively through Kravet, offers consumers the first home textiles aimed at purposeful well-being.

Consumers who use the collection’s products get the advantages of CELLIANT-infused textiles. As the body emits heat, the CELLIANT minerals embedded into the fabrics capture that heat. The captured heat is then converted to infrared energy and sent back into the body to help improve local circulation and cell oxygenation.

Currently, the Wellness Textures collection offers 38 innovative fabrics with unlimited applications. With this textile innovation, any piece of upholstered furniture can have the potential to provide health benefits. The three powerhouse brands in this collaboration envision a home where movie nights, work-from-home days, and even napping can all be opportunities to boost wellness — where simply sitting down or curling up doubles as a means of self-care.

This textile innovation has been hailed by Architectural Digest and nominated for a 2022 Interior Design Best of the Year Award.
2. In-Fiber Sustainable Viscose Infrared Solutions

CELLIANT Viscose was developed in partnership with Kelheim Fibres and is the first in-fiber sustainable viscose infrared solution for brand partners seeking an alternative to synthetic fibers. The product blends beautifully with cotton, micromodal, Lyocell, wool varieties (including cashmere), and other fibers. It’s ideal for performancewear, luxury loungewear, casual wear, and bedding.

Hologenix has also partnered with Spectro Coating Corp., the world’s largest vertically integrated flock coating and flock fabric manufacturer. Flocking is an application method in which tiny fibers are piled onto the surface of a textile, creating textures for both decorative and functional purposes. Together, Hologenix and Spectro Coating Corp. are creating the first flocked infrared material with CELLIANT Viscose.

When embedded into a flocked material, CELLIANT Viscose has many potential applications, such as home textiles, dog beds, clothing, and more.

CELLIANT Viscose is an ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2022/23 Selection winner.

3. Orthopedic Products

The medical community and its stakeholders rely upon a variety of textile-based orthopedic products. Knowing this, CELLIANT has partnered with Medline, a leading medical product distributor and manufacturer. The result is a new line of orthopedic products under the well-recognized CURAD® brand.

Incorporating CELLIANT in orthopedic soft goods is a necessary step in the right direction, as these products are often used on joints and other low-circulation areas of the body. Such products are also worn for extended periods of time, allowing CELLIANT to maximize its effectiveness.


If your company has been searching for a way to differentiate your textile products and make them more relevant to modern consumers, consider talking with our team about CELLIANT.

Partnering with CELLIANT can help you strengthen your purpose-driven brand ethos. CELLIANT is committed to carbon-friendly sustainability, cutting-edge advancements, unfailing research and development, and credible, science-based research. Plus, it can add an appealing dimension to your textile products.

Consumers want purpose. Give them that — and so much more — by combining efforts with CELLIANT for all your innovative fabrics.