How Does CELLIANT Choose Mill Partners?

Certified CELLIANT® Mill Partner badge on CELLIANT® Viscose minerals

Our mill partnerships are an important part of our product development, supply chain and brand partnership efforts. We receive many inquiries about what requirements a mill must meet and how we select our mill partners. This article seeks to answer our frequently asked questions about the process of becoming an authorized CELLIANT mill partner.

Our Mill Partners Almost Always Already Work with at Least One of Our Brand Partners

Our mills are an integral part of the success of the products created with our partner brands, so much so that typically we only work with mills that are already working with at least one of our brand partners. We do this largely to keep our supply chain streamlined within our brand partners’ existing supply chain and to make it simpler for brand partners to onboard. We are not looking to disrupt existing partnerships.

Furthermore, the manufacturer must be amenable to the terms of our mill agreement. This ensures that there are brand standards, product integrity and usage standards, and confidentiality considerations that must be met to maintain our relationships – protecting the mill partner, CELLIANT and the brand partner all at once.

Ultimately, our brand partners dictate which manufacturing partners they work with to develop CELLIANT-powered products.

Does CELLIANT ever work with mill partners that are not already working with a CELLIANT brand partner?

There may be exceptions to our general rule of only working with mills that already work with an existing CELLIANT brand partner. These mills are authorized on a specific case-by-case basis, and oftentimes involve CELLIANT researching and seeking out the right partner. This typically occurs when we are trying to help our brand partners, or prospective brand partners, with specific supply chain needs. It should be stressed that our brand partners are brands that already have products in market and are not start-up brands. In general, we would look for mills with the following capabilities:

  • Sock manufacturing globally who can create infrared socks
  • Spun yarn partners based in Asia
  • Mattress ticking and bedding manufacturers based in Asia

What if a mill has a brand that is interested in becoming a CELLIANT brand partner?

We are always interested and excited to create new relationships and products if they are a good match for CELLIANT technology. If a mill has a brand partner that is interested in our technology and wants to become a licensee, we can set up a joint meeting between ourselves, the mill and the brand partner to discuss in which the mill will make an introduction between the brand and CELLIANT. This joint meeting is critical as the relationship and communication between CELLIANT, manufacturer and brand partner is of the utmost importance. If this is the case with your mill inquiry, please specify in your inquiry which brand you are working with to develop CELLIANT products.

We absolutely value our mill partnerships and so onboarding new mills is not something we take lightly. By submitting the form below, you acknowledge that you meet the above outlined criteria for becoming a CELLIANT mill partner. If you have already been notified that your mill capabilities do not overlap with our current prerequisites at this time, we appreciate you continuing to follow our journey and would be happy to reconnect in the future.

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