Infrared Socks: An Emerging Therapeutic Sock Technology

Infrared Socks

Our feet are so important to our comfort and our overall feeling of well-being. Much like our backs, if we’re experiencing foot pain, it’s so much harder to enjoy, or even do, so many other things. Infrared socks are one of the recent innovations to help people improve their foot health. In this article, we’ll step into the therapeutic world of infrared socks and explain what infrared socks are and what they can do for our feet.

Therapeutic socks can refer to compression socks and/or socks that have infrared technology ‘built’ right into them.  

Compression socks work by applying pressure to your foot and lower leg which helps to maintain circulation and reduce swelling. They’re used by athletes to help improve performance, reduce the effects of fatigue and cramping. For medical purposes, they are often used by people who have a condition that causes swelling or poor circulation in the legs, such as varicose veins or diabetes. It is also to reduce swelling and poor circulation that many airplane travelers, essential workers who spend the day on their feet, and other populations may choose to wear compression socks.  

Infrared socks, which is the type of sock we’re focusing on, are a newer technology that can be infused into compression socks or into ‘traditional’ socks, providing proven foot-health benefits. Infrared has been shown to increase local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation. These benefits help the lower leg and foot (wherever the infrared fabric is near the skin) better regulate temperature and improve strength, endurance and stamina. While infrared can be combined with compression technology to double down on the possibility of relief, infrared on its own essentially offers the same benefits of compression without the pressure.  

In addition, research and theories postulate that because diabetic socks infused with infrared increase circulation in the feet, they could help diabetes patients reduce complications that result from poor circulation to the feet. 

What are Infrared Socks?

Infrared socks are socks that have been infused with technology that emits infrared energy into the foot. There are a number of infrared socks on the market today.

CELLIANT® is the world-leader in infrared textile applications and CELLIANT’s proprietary technology is used as an ‘ingredient’ in world class brands’ products, bringing infrared wellness to hundreds of applications, including socks. CELLIANT is a natural blend of bioceramics, a combination of thermo-reactive minerals that undergo the following process: 

  • ground into a superfine powder
  • added to polymer substrates, when fabrics are still in their liquid form
  • extruded, spun into fibers and yarns, and woven into what we call bio-responsive fabrics

CELLIANT-powered fabrics are used to create a wide range of textile products such as sleepwear, mattresses, top of bed products, active and performance apparel, pet wellness products, upholstery and more. There is such an array of products because of the many wellness benefits of infrared — from improved performance, to faster recovery, and even better sleep.

How do infrared socks work?

When CELLIANT fabrics are made into socks, the minerals work by capturing body heat from the feet and converting it into infrared energy. The infrared is then reflected back into the feet and is clinically proven to increase local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation. 

The increase in local circulation and improvement in cellular oxygenation result in a number of other benefits for the feet:

  • improved temperature regulation
  • enhanced performance
  • faster recovery

Infrared socks are a way to provide infrared light therapy, which is part of a wider range of light therapies that can be used for wellness benefits, to the feet.

Is there a downside to wearing infrared socks infused with CELLIANT?

CELLIANT is a non-invasive technology. Allergic reactions to any material can occur, however, there have been no reported cases of allergic reactions since products with CELLIANT infused in them became available in 2003.

How many hours a day can you wear infrared socks infused with CELLIANT?

CELLIANT is safe to wear for long periods of time and there is no theoretical limit to the number of hours you can wear socks infused with CELLIANT. In fact, research has shown that more prolonged exposure to infrared powered textiles can increase its effectiveness. Wearing or sitting/laying on infrared textiles for 22 hours per day is equivalent to a 20-30 minute infrared sauna session.    

Why should I try infrared socks?

Anyone can benefit from wearing infrared socks, but it can be particularly beneficial to:

  • people with jobs that require lots of time on their feet (e.g., nurses, servers, delivery workers)
  • runners
  • hikers
  • athletes
  • people who have weak circulation in their feet

By converting the heat from your foot into infrared energy, CELLIANT increases the circulation in the feet, helping your feet have more endurance and recover faster from physical activity.  

At CELLIANT, we believe in scientific research. It starts with our Science Advisory Board that oversees the development and execution of our clinical trials. As we expand our body of research we are excited by the prospect of testing the efficacy of infrared socks infused with CELLIANT to reduce complications from diabetes related to poor foot circulation. 

CELLIANT works hard to back its claims with scientific evidence that is specific to CELLIANT’s textile application. To date, we have conducted nine peer-reviewed studies showing the efficacy of CELLIANT’s benefit claims. To learn more about our testing process, watch our short educational testing video. 

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Infrared socks infused with CELLIANT have many benefits, including increased circulation in the feet and lower leg, improved cellular oxygenation, faster recovery of the feet from physical exertion and improved endurance. 

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CELLIANT is available for brands to infuse in textile products using a number of different fiber solutions. Interested in creating products with CELLIANT textiles? Click here to learn more about partnering with us or please fill out the form below to connect with a business development representative from our team. 

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