Exploring the Impact of Infrared on Increasing Grip Strength

Grip strength is the measurement of the strength and power (or the amount of force) you are able to create with your forearm and hand muscles. There’s also growing interest in grip strength importance among consumers as we uncover more and more facts about what having a good grip strength can mean for quality of life. Research suggests that grip strength can predict overall strength and health1 as well as your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Also, studies indicate that grip strength can be a good way to assess biological age2.


Having a good grip strength has many benefits for everyone. It improves athletic performance, helps people do everyday task easier (like opening those tough jars), and it can really improve quality of life. Here’s some of the benefits of good grip strength:
Studies have also shown a correlation3 between stronger grip and a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.


Given its importance as an indicator of overall health, our Science Advisory Board set out to explore the impact of infrared technology on grip strength. To date, there have been two clinical trials that CELLIANT® has published that have looked at CELLIANT’s effects on grip strength.
The first looks at the effects of CELLIANT-infused armbands on people with chronic wrist and elbow pain4. This study was a randomized placebo-controlled trial with 80 total subjects and 40 per group. Each subject had a six-month history of chronic wrist or elbow pain (carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis or arthritis) and wore an armband with either CELLIANT-infused fabric or a placebo fabric on the affected wrist or elbow for two weeks. Grip strength was measured by a dynamometer before and after the two-week study and the findings show that the mean percent increase over the two weeks was +7.8% for the placebo and +16.8% for CELLIANT.
The second study looks at the effect of CELLIANT-infused shirts on tcPO2 levels and grip strength in healthy subjects5. The study looked at 24 healthy individuals who wore a placebo shirt for 90 minutes, took a 15-minute break, and then wore a CELLIANT infused shirt for 15 minutes. The mean grip strength in the dominant hand was measured at 90 minutes after wearing the placebo shirt and then after wearing the CELLIANT shirt. The results show a mean increase in grip strength of 12.44% after wearing the CELLIANT-infused shirt versus after wearing the placebo shirt. The study also showed that the mean transcutaneous oxygen measurement6 (measured in the bicep and abdomen) improved by 5-8% at the 30-minute mark, the 60-minute mark and the 90-minute mark while wearing the CELLIANT shirt versus while wearing the placebo shirt.
The results of these findings are encouraging. Since CELLIANT is cost-effective, non-invasive and has not been shown to produce any adverse effects, it is easy to incorporate into daily life for anyone seeking to improve their grip strength. It is certainly an area worth continuing to explore in scientific research.


Fabrics infused with CELLIANT infrared technology that are worn on the lower arms or wrist can improve grip strength. Clinical studies have shown that CELLIANT can increase grip strength because CELLIANT captures and converts body heat into infrared, which has many benefits, including:

Products with CELLIANT

Long sleeve shirts, wristbands and gloves that are powered by CELLIANT are just a few good examples of products that can help improve grip strength. There is also huge potential to bring CELLIANT-powered apparel and accessories to product types that can help consumers improve their grip strength in a variety of specialty products, including:
CELLIANT currently partners with many brands with products that bring infrared technology to the hands and lower arms:


Interested in creating products with CELLIANT textiles that can give your customers wellness benefits like improved grip strength? Click here to learn more about partnering with us or please fill out the form below to connect with a business development representative from our team.


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