Know Your Under Armour: UA RUSH


Under Armour’s vision is to inspire with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without. As the creators of an emerging wearable technologyinfrared bio-responsive textileswe are no strangers to introducing new innovation to our customers, and are proud to partner with Under Armour on their UA RUSH collection. 


UA RUSH™ is Under Armour’s line of performance apparel that’s designed to be worn, as Under Armour says, ‘at the time of sweat.’ It’s the only Under Armour infrared technology collection, powered by CELLIANT® infrared technology, and features both men’s and women’s apparel, including tops, bottoms, bras, shorts, leggings and jackets.


While Under Armour aims to create apparel that “makes you better every time you wear it,” CELLIANT® infrared technology amplifies human potential by increasing energy, speed, performance and stamina. The CELLIANT-powered UA RUSH collection is the culmination of this natural synergy. As Dan Leraris, Under Armour’s GM of men’s training puts it, “This one is so pure to what our brand’s mission is, which is making you better, that we really didn’t need any other fancy slogans or missions behind it.” He adds, “We’ve always made products that you can do things in, but I don’t know if we’ve made products that do things for you as well. That’s a subtle difference, but a key difference, in what I think is Under Armour creating a new frontier, being the originators of performance apparel.” 

Under Armour’s UA RUSH collection launched to the public in 2019 following a preliminary launch among Under Armour’s stable of athletes, such as Notre Dame’s football team, 2019 NFL draft prospects, and brand ambassadors including Warriors superstar Steph Curry, heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, U.S. women’s national team soccer player Kelley O’Hara, and Chinese volleyball player Zhu Ting. 

Following the 2019 launch, the collection exploded in popularity during the summer of 2020 due to the introduction of a wide variety of styles, vibrant colors and attention-grabbing designs. This growth was marked by new UA RUSH brand ambassadors like wide receiver D.K. Metcalf and U.S. Olympian and legend Michael Phelps.


One of many things we love about Under Armour is their commitment to continuous innovation, so we recommend keeping an eye out for future Under Armour technology. UA RUSH™ is already ahead of the curve, featuring several Under Armour fitness technology elements with distinct functional properties:


All UA RUSH™ gear features CELLIANT bioceramic infrared technology. CELLIANT works by absorbing and converting body heat from the wearer into full spectrum infrared energy. This is clinically demonstrated to temporarily increase local circulation and, improve cellular oxygenation and improve, boosting strength, stamina and endurance and supporting temperature regulation. The infrared advantage provided by CELLIANT wearable technology helps Under Armour, through the UA RUSH™ collection, fulfill its promise of optimizing human performance.  

What is ColdGear®?

Under Armour ColdGear® technology launched in October of 2020 and is designed to keep your core temperature warm while training in the cold.1 It’s a lightweight fabric that sits next-to-skin. The back of the fabric features channeling that helps trap heat while still being breathable. Additional features of ColdGear include 4-way stretch, active odor control, and quick drying fabric. Find ColdGear in select UA RUSH base layers.

What is HeatGear®?

Under Armour HeatGear® technology is UA’s solution to keeping cool while training in warm conditions. The fabric is designed to be very lightweight, and to wick sweat away from the skin and diffuse it through the material so it can evaporate more quickly. The fabric is also highly breathable, perfect for hot days.

What is SmartForm?

Under Armour SmartForm technology is uniquely constructed to flex to your shape as you move. The customized fit and unmatched comfort and mobility of SmartForm is ideal for applications such as sports bras and performance leggings.


UA RUSH infrared apparel is perfect for athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between. Browse some of our favorite products and see what satisfied UA RUSH customers are saying.

To shop the full range of CELLIANT-powered products at Under Armour for both men and women, click here.


The UA RUSH men’s collection offers athletic gear suited to any sport or workout. From sweat-wicking tees and warm up hoodies to ergonomic layers and weather-resistant outerwear, browse some of our favorite UA RUSH picks for men below.

UA RUSH™ Men’s Tops

Powered by CELLIANT, you can trust that UA RUSH tops will enhance your endurance, stamina and speed. Along with the many benefits of infrared, UA RUSH men’s tops are designed for maximum breathability and help to eliminate chafing.

UA RUSH Men's Long Sleeve
UA RUSH™ Men’s Bottoms

UA RUSH offers durable and breathable shorts, leggings and pants equipped with CELLIANT infrared technology.

UA RUSH Men's Joggers


Designed to provide support, ventilation, free range of motion and more, the UA RUSH women’s collection offers a range of supportive gear such as breathable tops, no-slip leggings and high-performance sports bras. Browse our UA RUSH picks for women below.
UA RUSH™ Women’s Tops

A good athletic top is key to performing your best, both during a workout and while you recover from a long day of training. UA RUSH tops are CELLIANT-powered to increase energy and feature fabrics engineered for minimal chafing and ventilation.

UA RUSH Women's Mesh Tank
UA RUSH™ Women’s Bottoms

UA RUSH women’s leggings, joggers, and shorts are infused with CELLIANT infrared technology to help you train harder and recover faster. The collection features lightweight, moisture-wicking pieces designed for comfort and support.

UA RUSH Women's SmartForm


“This shirt is the real deal: This is my 3rd shirt and it’s great to wear. Very comfortable working out. Definitely worth every penny.”

“I have worn this shirt every day this week and still don’t want to put it in the laundry yet. Pure comfort and I love the design!! Feels like it’s doing the trick too with helping my recovery, which is much needed as I increase my volume week over week.”

“Huge fan of 95% of the RUSH line across the board and these workout pants are no exception. The material is extremely comfortable and they fit true to size without question.

“I love the material. It allows me to move better in every direction. I feel so much more comfortable during my workouts specially that I do sweaty ones like CrossFit and running and I don’t have to worry about feeling weighed down by a sweaty shirt.

“This sports bra is incredibly comfortable and perfectly designed. For it to be a RUSH item with infrared properties is a huge bonus.

“My alternate from UA Tech T-Shirt but made of better material.



CELLIANT infrared technology is a natural fit for athletic wear and sports apparel due to its ability to improve performance and speed recovery. If you are an apparel brand or manufacturer looking to get in touch with the CELLIANT team about adding our technology to your fabrics, please fill out the form below.


1Under Armour. (2018, November 1). Winter is coming. UA Newsroom.