Compression Clothing and Infrared: Amplifying Benefits

Runner wearing compression clothing
Modern compression apparel has been around since the 1950s. These compression garments have become mainstream and it’s rare to see a sporting event or activity, from professional to amateur to community classes and even youth events without seeing someone wearing a compression garment. The influence of compression apparel goes beyond performance and recovery, as compression has been used for a range of health issues. In fact, the modern compression garment is based on the compression sock invented by Conrad Jobst to help combat varicose veins. Similar applications of infrared technology, on the other hand, are relatively new and emerging technology. CELLIANT was invented just over 20 years ago as a combination of materials science and life science to bring the benefits of infrared, an existing modality, to people in a new method — through textiles used every day, including apparel. Infrared has complimentary benefits to compression. In fact, many have cited that infrared feels just like compression, without the feeling of restriction that is customary with compression clothing. Together, compression and infrared have exciting and useful applications to bring improved performance, recovery and wellness to many people. Let’s look at compression benefits and current applications then dive into how infrared fits perfectly into the compression story with existing applications and future products.

What Are the Benefits of Compression Apparel?

Compression has been adopted, at least partly, because of its benefits to health, performance and recovery. By applying pressure to different areas of the body, compression clothing may bring the following benefits:
Compression is sometimes thought of to be a low-level form of massage. Just as someone may put pressure on certain muscles or tissues to promote blood flow, compression aims to achieve a similar experience.


Compression clothing has exploded in popularity and is now used in a wide variety of clothing items. There are various types, or intensities of compression, from light compression (think popular yoga pants) to tight, second skin compression (think of an arm sleeve to help stabilize the elbow and forearm muscle). We find compression, at varies tightness, in products like:

CELLIANT Infrared Clothing + Other Therapeutic Products

Infrared technology embedded in textiles is a great way for brands to add value to their products for their consumers, helping differentiate them from the competition. CELLIANT is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bioceramics that capture and convert body heat into infrared energy. The infrared energy is reflected back into the body and is entirely passive from the perspective of the person wearing or close to the CELLIANT textile. This means the consumer doesn’t need to do anything special to see the benefits. Just wearing the garment or sleeping on the mattress brings them all the benefits of CELLIANT infrared.


CELLIANT infrared technology has a number of benefits for performance, recovery and sleep. To date we’ve published 10 peer-reviewed scientific studies which support CELLIANT benefits. The benefits of CELLIANT are:
CELLIANT Infrared Goes Beyond Apparel
As we can see the benefits of CELLIANT go beyond compression clothing and even beyond the apparel in general. CELLIANT spans a number of industries including:

Compression Clothing and Infrared Together

Though CELLIANT is applicable in more than just apparel, the infrared technology is a perfect fit for compression clothing brands in terms of benefits, functionality, storytelling and target audience.
Compression products that incorporate CELLIANT have the potential to add the synergy of CELLIANT’s increased local circulation with that of the physical compression of the garment. Though more testing is required on circulation effects, we know both, independently, have an impact on local circulation and both have an impact in improved performance and recovery. Infrared technology also adds to the storytelling of brands that have compression products. If both are targeting athletes and athletics, for example, the story of energy return and improved performance, strength, endurance and stamina is a powerful value add. As an example, we can look to our longtime partners Under Armour and the storytelling behind the popular UA RUSH™ collection, powered by CELLIANT.
CELLIANT-powered UA RUSH Compression Leggings
CELLIANT-powered UA RUSH Compression Leggings


CELLIANT currently has a number of successful partnerships with brands that offer compression products.
The UA RUSH™ product line is powered by CELLIANT and also features some compression products of various tightness levels. Look for the sliding scale on the product page that displays how loose or tight you can expect the compression clothing to feel.
Kymira’s compression socks are also infrared socks, powered by CELLIANT and combining both innovations.
The CURAD Performance Series included a line of CELLIANT-powered supports and braces that have an adjustable compression fit.
Oxeego designs high-performance IR socks for cycling, trail running and trekking. Some of their socks have a compression fit to aid performance, and all are powered by CELLIANT.
Oxeego Compression Socks
Oxeego Compression Socks, Powered by CELLIANT®


Innovation is at the core of what we do at CELLIANT. We are constantly looking for new applications and new modalities to bring infrared benefits to the most people possible. Currently, we see huge potential with infrared and compression in the following industries and products.
Maternity and postpartum
Poor local circulation in the extremities is a fairly common issue for expecting mothers which can cause painful and annoying symptoms such as aching feet, swelling of the feet and lower legs, and even heaviness or numbness. Infrared socks with compression fit could help improve the quality of life of mothers during their pregnancy journey
Health applications
We’ve recently conducted our 10th peer-reviewed published study that explores the impact of CELLIANT on diabetic patients with vascular impairment. It concludes that the study warrants further research to draw more connections and conclusions between infrared therapies for diabetic patients. As we know, compression socks are currently used to help improve the quality of life for people with diabetes.

Compression vs Infrared FAQ’s

Compression apparel is used for athletics, both performance and recovery, and also has applications in health and well-being, such as for varicose veins.
Infrared energy causes physiological changes in the body that result in numerous possible benefits. It has been shown to:

Add Infrared Benefits to Your Products with CELLIANT Bioceramic Textiles

CELLIANT is a perfect fit for brands that create compression products to help people perform better, recover faster or improve wellness and quality of life. If you’re interested in learning more about CELLIANT, fill out the form below to get in touch with our team.




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