Isbir Energy Mattress: The First Pure White CELLIANT Mattress in Turkey

Isbir Bedding Energy Mattress, infused with CELLIANT®

Quality sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a critical part of any athlete’s recovery and performance. Of course, mattresses are high on the list of what makes for a quality sleep. That’s why we are so excited to partner with Isbir Bedding for the Energy CELLIANT Mattress — the first CELLIANT-infused pure white mattress in Turkey.

Isbir Bedding Takes Sleep Seriously

Isbir Bedding is a trendsetter in the bedding market, focused on innovation and technology, as highlighted by their slogan: Hi-tech for Healthy and Comfortable Sleep. With a focus on mattresses as not simply furniture but a key health product in the home, Isbir has 218 Sleep Centers where their sleep experts don’t just sell mattresses and bedding, but educate on different types of mattresses and the importance of sleep. An ideal partner, Isbir shares many core values on the importance of sleep and innovation with us at CELLIANT.


As one of the top three mattress companies in Turkey, Isbir has established its reputation by focusing on research and development and raw material production. The company is known for bringing new sleep technology to Turkey, so when they discovered CELLIANT’s ability to help them create infrared mattresses, they were immediately interested. In addition to bringing to market the first pure white CELLIANT mattress, they were first to market with Visco technology and open cell viscoelastic mattresses. Their customers appreciate their dedication to discovering new technologies and continually innovating to develop the best sleep health products.

Isbir Bedding Energy Mattress with CELLIANT®

Isbir Energy CELLIANT Mattress

Sports and athletes are very important to Isbir — they’re the major sponsor of the National Volleyball Teams,  Hakkarigücü Women Football Team and Genclerbirligi Football Team. The Energy CELLIANT Mattress is the newest innovation to support athletes, from pros to weekend players, in their drive to be their best. CELLIANT is demonstrated to help thermoregulation and promote restful sleep as well as increase local circulation and speed recovery from physical activity. As any athlete knows, the faster you recover, the faster you get back to training and the better you can become. 

In addition to CELLIANT, the Energy mattress features a high-density, new generation ViscoStar Aeromax Comfort Layer that adapts to the body and a V2 Active Zone Pocket Spring Support Layer, which supports 7 different pressure points of the body for a supremely comfortable rest. The mattress is available in ten different dimensions from young athletes to those fully grown, and has a reasonable retail price. The Energy CELLIANT mattress is available both in-store and online.

We’re proud to partner with Isbir to bring the Energy CELLIANT Mattress to help people live and perform their best. If you’re interested in adding CELLIANT to your sleep products, please fill out the form below to get in touch with our Business Development team.