A good night’s sleep is critical to good physical and mental health. CELLIANT® infrared technology embedded in mattresses, sheets, pillows, duvets, and blankets offer both functional benefits and physiological benefits. Functional benefits are benefits like quick-drying and odor inhibiting capabilities, but, in this context, it’s the physiological benefits that we need to focus on.
CELLIANT has been clinically demonstrated to improve local circulation and cell oxygenation which results in a cascade of benefits, many of which promote more restful sleep when infused into top-of-bed textile products and mattress ticking. Let’s break down these benefits in detail.
1. Perfect Sleeping Temperature
Some people are ‘cold sleepers’ and others are ‘hot sleepers.’ Both types can end up having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night. Those kinds of sleep disturbances aren’t just annoying; they can be emotionally and physically detrimental to sleepers’ waking hours.
Good circulation is a key factor in the body’s ability to self-regulate temperature. As sleepers’ bodies emit heat, CELLIANT sleep products capture that heat and convert it into infrared energy. This infrared energy is reflected back into the body and, as has been mentioned, is clinically demonstrated to increase local circulation. After just a few nights of sleeping with CELLIANT-powered products, people often report feeling better rested because they haven’t been burdened by feeling too hot or cold.
2. Faster Post-Exercise Recovery
It’s common for those who work out or exercise regularly to experience a buildup of lactic acid within their muscles. While this is normal, it is one factor that can lead to seriously sore muscles. An aching body can be hard to ignore and lead to trouble relaxing at bedtime.
Fortunately, CELLIANT bedding and bioceramic clothing can help your body recover by increasing tissue oxygenation levels. As circulation increases throughout the tissue and muscle, the soreness begins to dissipate. Many brands that cater to athletes, including Tom Brady’s bioceramic recovery sleepwear pajama collection, use CELLIANT infrared technology in their sleep products for this reason.
3. Unprecedented Human Energy Recapture
Human beings and other warm-blooded creatures like dogs and cats emit energy as heat, even when they are at rest. CELLIANT-powered bio-responsive textiles are capable of harnessing that energy. The captured energy is automatically converted into infrared energy and re-emitted to the body.
Essentially, CELLIANT takes energy that would normally be lost and recycles it to be useful again. It’s a proven way to improve cell efficiency effortlessly, responsibly, and sustainably.


Consumers are always eager to find better products to help sleep. Below are just some of the best-selling CELLIANT-based restful solutions engineered to prompt healthier sleep habits.
CELLIANT Mattresses and Mattress Pads
Investing in a mattress for better sleep can pay off handsomely. Consumers who try mattresses and pads interwoven with CELLIANT materials from brands like Rivet, Bear, PowernapSchlarafia and SleepHive often find they’re waking feeling more rested after only a few nights.
CELLIANT Sheets, Blankets, and Pillows
CELLIANT materials can be found in numerous types of above-mattress bedding. Case in point: Sleepletics and PureCare offer sheets, pillows, and blankets that use infrared technology to prompt overnight recovery for sleepers. Centa-Star and Blackroll have joined the luxury blanket market, too, with their CELLIANT-infused offerings.
CELLIANT Sleepwear and Loungewear
What people wear to bed can make as much difference in their experience as the mattresses and bedding they prefer. That’s why LunyaLahgoDFNDCalvin Klein, and Mey, who used CELLIANT viscose to create sustainable loungewear, have partnered with CELLIANT. All of our partners create thermoregulating clothing lines with the promise of a designer touch backed by the science of CELLIANT bioceramic fiber technology.
Pets are family to many people, meaning their sleep is just as important — and just as likely to be interrupted or uncomfortable. To aid in helping our best friends, Avanti Pets, Woofmat and Draper Therapies have introduced CELLIANT-powered pet beds into the market with excellent results.


All things considered, adding CELLIANT to your sleep products can help your brand stand out in a competitive marketplace, all by harnessing the advantage of infrared. And, CELLIANT can be blended with cotton, micromodel, Lyocell, wool, cashmere, plant-based viscose fibers, and so many other materials, making it versatile for all different types of bedroom products. In other words, it’s the durable, eco-friendly choice for sleepwear brands looking for a seriously unique differentiator.
Are you interested in incorporating CELLIANT® into your next sleep innovation or collection? Fill out the form below to contact our team and discover the revolutionary applications that use CELLIANT® to unlock consumers’ full human potential—even when they’re fast asleep.