Who Are CELLIANT’s Customers?

CELLIANT® is an ingredient brand, which means our bioceramic infrared textile technology is not sold directly to consumers, but to other brands (our brand partners) to incorporate CELLIANT into their textile products. However, we definitely care about, and understand, the ‘end consumers’ who want this technology — how they benefit and how that can benefit our brand partners.
Let’s take a closer look at who these ‘end consumers’ are, why they care about infrared technology, and how we help our brand partners connect with them. First, however, we need to quickly understand CELLIANT, its benefits and who, in general terms, can benefit from it.

What is CELLIANT and what are the main benefits?

CELLIANT is a natural blend of bioceramics infused into a carrier, then extruded into a fiber or yarn that captures and converts body heat into infrared energy.
This has been scientifically demonstrated to:

Who can benefit from CELLIANT?

Anyone can benefit from CELLIANT. It’s a non-invasive, safe way to passively boost local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation. These increases and improvements help the body to be more efficient and result in many other benefits, including temperature regulation, better sleep, increased strength, endurance and stamina, and faster recovery from physical activity.
Although anyone can benefit, let’s look closely at three important types of ‘end consumers’ to more fully understand why CELLIANT really appeals to them.


Until recently, the Baby Boomer generation was the largest population on the planet. In most of the world, the average age of the general population is increasing. This trend is led by Europe, but with many other countries following. For reference, between 2015 and 2050 the amount of people over age 60 is anticipated to nearly double in size, ending with over 20% of the population passing age 60 (1). And, as we age, it’s natural for our thoughts to turn to not only our health, but quality of life. What can we do to stay as active as possible so that we can live as well, and pain-free, as possible?
With these considerations in mind, older professionals and the silver society (which together includes people who are generally active and over 45 years old: older Gen X, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation) are an important category of CELLIANT end consumers.
To continue a healthy, high-quality life, things this demographic are looking for include:

Circulation, Sleep, and Other Benefits of CELLIANT for Older Adults

CELLIANT is clinically proven to increase local circulation. We are often asked: Why is good circulation important? Well, when it comes to health, wellness and quality of life, good circulation plays a role in everything from helping fend off serious cardiovascular issues like heart attack and stroke, to helping your feet and hands be more comfortable (2).
Older adults are also very aware of the importance of their sleep (as all of society is starting to recognize that sleep is a critical part of good health) at a time when they may start to have trouble with disrupted sleep (3). In fact, the CDC states that a third of US adults report that they usually get less than the recommended amount of sleep (4).
One way CELLIANT promotes more restful sleep is by helping the body’s cells thermoregulate, since being too hot or too cold is one the main reasons for a disturbed sleep (5). In a pilot study, CELLIANT has been shown to give an average of 18.3 more minutes of sleep per night.
Further, CELLIANT infrared technology improves strength, endurance and stamina so older adults can improve their performance by wearing CELLIANT infused apparel while exercising.
Products infused with CELLIANT that resonate with this demographic include:


Millennials, now the largest cohort, are a key demographic for virtually every brand. Aged 26 – 41, Millennials tend to have quite different points of view compared to the older spectrum of Generation X and Baby Boomers. They tend to be very receptive to technology and have a generally more holistic point of view on what a ‘healthy life’ means.
Values this demographic seeks and prioritizes include:
Millennials see many things differently than older generations and one of those things is health and wellness. Older generations tend to think of health as ‘not sick’ whereas Millennials define ‘health’ as a daily, active pursuit that certainly includes eating right and exercising (6).
Millennials also embrace technology in their pursuit of health — using fitness apps more than other age groups, with women using them twice as much as men. In fact, 46% of Millennials want as much quantifiable data about their health as possible, and 54% are likely to buy a body-analyzing device (7).

Products for Millennials with CELLIANT Technology

CELLIANT is a technology that uses a person’s own body heat to improve performance and sleep, and speed recovery from physical activity. This allows for the end user to gain benefits in a passive way — all that’s required is to wear, lay on top of, or sit on, a textile that’s infused with CELLIANT. It is a way to weave self-care into the fabric of their daily routine in a low-barrier way.
Furthermore, at CELLIANT we are committed to sustainability, with our recent award-winning innovations of CELLIANT Viscose and CELLIANT with Repreve serving as proof of our commitment.
With Millennials’ point-of-view on health being wide-ranging, their willingness to experiment and embrace new technologies, and their concern for sustainable products, CELLIANT is a great self-care option with multiple brand storytelling opportunities for this demographic. Particularly in countries where Millennial skepticism of the health-care industry is high, they are especially persuaded by products and technology that help them take their health into their own hands.


Sports and athletic enthusiasts are defined by their love of sports and exercise, and their desire to continually do better than their best (or their competition’s best). These are people who take their exercise seriously both on and off the field, from avid amateurs all the way to professional athletes. They likely rely on trainers, coaches, and practitioners of sports medicine, massage therapy and chiropractic. This group is looking for any advantage to be better, and technology and physiological benefits can be their advantage.
Some things this demographic are looking for include:
Technology has certainly found its way into sports and athletics, with athletes looking to wearables to track their activity, helping them monitor and improve their performance.

How Athletes are Using CELLIANT Technology

When it comes to professional athletes, any advantage is critical. The difference between winning and losing comes down to the finest of margins. Just ask Tom Brady, who developed his own line of bioceramic recovery pajamas on the premise of CELLIANT.
Under Armour’s Rush line of performance apparel is powered by CELLIANT and is defined by that very idea. Under Armour even made a documentary, called Margin of Victory, investigating Steph Curry, Kelley O’Hara and Anthony Joshua and their drive to be their best — how they do anything to gain those margins, and including how CELLIANT’s ability to increase local circulation is one of those advantages.
This idea that every little gain counts — that the slimmest advantage is the difference between where you are and where you want to be — transfers down to anyone who is serious about athletics.
CELLIANT has been clinically shown to improve athletic performance  in part by delaying the onset of anaerobic metabolism, and it helps athletes recover faster from physical activity by helping the body more efficiently use energy.
For this demographic, performance apparel and recovery leisure apparel is a perfect fit for both brand storytelling and a real competitive edge. There are also ancillary products like kinesiology tape, wraps, braces — and even the collection of infrared sauna accessories we have created in partnership with Sunlighten, the leaders in infrared sauna technology.

What types of brands fit as CELLIANT partners?

If your company or product also serves a similar end user to the cohorts we have identified above, you may consider incorporating CELLIANT into your company’s products. Our ideal brand partners are multifaceted but there are two core principles that align with what we strive for at CELLIANT. First, is a desire to be a part of people’s lives and help them be the best they can be. Second, is a commitment to principles over products.
We work with brands in a wide range of industries because our technology has such a wide range of benefits. Generally we work with brands creating:
We offer brands differentiation for their products through sustainability, innovation and compelling brand storytelling for their consumers. We also work with brand partners to streamline their supply chains for the smallest possible carbon footprint.
With our global ecosystem of authorized premiere mill partners, we are able to match our brand partners to suppliers that fit not only their technical needs, but geographic considerations and speed to market as well. You can learn more about CELLIANT brand partnerships here.


Critically, our claims are backed by science. As of 2023, the Science Advisory Board has overseen ten peer-reviewed published studies that demonstrate CELLIANT’s effectiveness and the benefits of infrared energy. This claim set provides the basis for products containing CELLIANT to be designated as a Class 1 Medical Device in 38 countries and cleared to market in 15. This elevated status in 53 countries means CELLIANT is an ideal partner for global companies who are seeking innovation in textiles to distinguish their products.
If you’d like to learn more about incorporating CELLIANT into your textile products, please fill out the form below – we would love to hear from you.




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