CELLIANT x Designtex Featured in “Originality Deconstructed” Exhibit

Be Original Americas: Originality Deconstructed, CELLIANT® x Designtex Exhibit

In celebration of their 10-year anniversary, Be Original Americas commemorated the achievements made over the years, by kicking off a North American celebratory exhibition in the fall of last year. Curated by Adrian Madlener and in collaboration with the ACE Hotel Group, “Originality Deconstructed” is a traveling exhibition that opened in October 2022. Each exhibition ran over the course of a week and half, beginning in New York City, and then, traveling to the west coast, stopping in Palm Springs and making their final exhibition stop in downtown Los Angeles. The capsule exhibition focused on celebrating creativity by pulling back the curtain on the “how” and “why” behind new, innovative products from various brands.

The “deconstructed” piece of the exhibition asked members to consider a product or material that can be taken apart and displayed giving the audience the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the product’s true materiality, craftsmanship and quality.


In January of 2023, our partners at Designtex approached CELLIANT® with the opportunity to co-present at Be Original Americas’ “Originality Deconstructed” Los Angeles exhibit. As an ingredient brand that often uses our deconstructed format to showcase the “how it’s made” and the “how it works”, we were absolutely flattered. Over the course of the next few months, the CELLIANT team worked hand in hand with the Designtex team to translate the exhibit’s vision into real life. The result was life size displays of four large canisters, each individually filled with CELLIANTs proprietary bioceramic minerals, CELLIANT masterbatch, CELLIANT fiber and CELLIANT fabric backing. The cannister display sat directly in front of a final finishing Designtex CELLIANT fabric backing – offering the audience a unique way to understand how material sciences translate to the final upholstery product, ultimately providing built-in health and wellness benefits.


The Be Original Americas exhibit was just the latest step in what has been a history of textile revolution between CELLIANT and Designtex. In 2020, our partnership with these world leaders in design and manufacturing of applied materials for built environments, Designtex CELLIANT, was formally launched. Designtex CELLIANT is a proprietary textile backing. It’s clinically demonstrated to harness and recycle a person’s body heat into infrared energy, which increases local circulation and cellular oxygenation to help thermoregulate, increase energy and promise wellbeing. The Designtex CELLIANT backing is applied to furniture pieces, typically for use in contract and commercial settings such as offices, waiting areas, lobbies and guest rooms. The collection is offered in a variety of colors and fabrications, including polyester cotton, silicone, polyester acrylic and 100% postconsumer recycled polyester.


The Be Original Americas: “Originality Deconstructed” event was every design buff’s dream. Taking place in DTLA’s Ace Hotel in their Walker/Eisen Room, the event did a fantastic job at displaying the disassembled elements, raw materials and videos of brands including Carl Hansen & Søn, Cerno Group, Lumens, The Modern Fan Co, and Rosendahl Design Group, which CELLIANT was honored to sit alongside of. The opening ceremony, which took place the evening of March 16th, allowed industry professionals an intimate opportunity to network and enjoy each other’s company among hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Open to the public for a week and a half, the event capped off on March 25th with a live auction component, allowing the highest bidders the opportunity to take home authentic, carefully conceived crafted objects, which was a lovely way to bring the event full circle.





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