CES 2024: 6 Tech Trends (Including Some You May Have Missed)

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, widely known as CES 2024, ran from January 9 – 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada. With an expected attendance of over 130,000 and over 4,000 exhibitors, it’s billed as the world’s largest technology fair and this year several themes emerged — some expected and some that might surprise. 

A lot of the focus from this year’s event was on AI, robotics and extended reality (for good reason, there’s a lot happening in those spaces). But let’s look at some of the other major tech trends that may have passed under the radar (yet very much deserve attention) and how each trend relates to CELLIANT infrared technology. 


CES is an annual technology fair that showcases a wide range of technology across industries. It’s a window into the future of tech, a hotbed of new technology announcements and where the world’s tech community comes together. The event has been held in Las Vegas every year since 1998 and regularly draws crowds of well over 100,000 people, even approaching 200,000 attendees prior to the pandemic. 


CES 2024 showcasing a vast array of technology and companies from manufacturers, developers and suppliers from all facets of the consumer technology industry, including, but certainly not limited to: 


CES 2024 delivered impactful, attention-getting technology — everything from a hydrogen-powered 18-wheeler transport truck to an AI robot that features a human-like face on a screen, offering companionship to those feeling isolated or lonely. 

The technology trends that really caught our attention, however, were in the spaces of:

Let’s dive into each trend and why it resonates with Team CELLIANT.


Fitness trackers and wearables that help people better understand and monitor their health were once again a hot topic at CES. From watches to smart fabrics that have built-in heart monitors, technology has been shown to have a big impact on people taking control of their own health and wellness by monitoring their activity and vitals. In addition to trackers, we saw health tech innovations on display at this year’s CES, such as CareWear, a wearable LED patch that delivers red light therapy to the wearer. 

At CELLIANT, we share the interest in merging light therapy with wearable technology and see definite synergy between wearables and CELLIANT infrared technology. This is because CELLIANT is bioresponsive, meaning it interacts with the physiology of the body to improve performance, speed recovery and promote restful sleep — all areas that wearables are usually designed to monitor. After all, tracking is great, but improving while tracking? That’s even better. 


Sleep technology hit a few high notes at CES 2024 — the Motion Pillow drew attention for its unique manner of reducing snoring and improving sleep. The pillow inflates and deflates when it senses you’re snoring, moving your head and neck to naturally open your airways and improve breathing. Beyond that mechanical functionality, the pillow also monitors oxygen saturation. 

Any new sleep tech product is bound to get us excited. Promoting restful sleep is one of CELLIANT’s core advantages. By converting body heat into infrared energy, CELLIANT helps keep people at the right temperature during sleep, increasing local circulation and improving cellular oxygenation to boost comfort and energy so you wake refreshed and ready to take on the day.


Next-gen materials made an appearance at CES 2024, with a notable launch of OtterBox’s new iPhone case and Apple Watch band made from cactus leather. Next-gen materials is a wide-ranging term, but all next-gen materials are: 

Any new use for textiles is sure to grab our attention, as OtterBox did. We consider CELLIANT to be a next-gen material, bringing high-performance, quality and sustainability (through our more eco-friendly carrier options, CELLIANT with REPREVE® and CELLIANT Viscose) to virtually any textile, as well as being animal-free.  

CELLIANT® with REPREVE® Recycled Nylon

We expect to see the adoption of next-gen materials continue to grow in the future, especially with compelling data from the Material Innovation Initiative, which notes that 92% of participants in a 2023 study reported that they were at least somewhat open to purchasing next-gen materials.


Smart homes and the internetofthings have been a hot topic for quite some time now. But when we consider it in the context of AgeTech, a smart home suddenly takes on a deeper meaning and becomes much more than simple convenience. One of the key trends at CES 2024 was how connected technologies, including smart homes, can help us ‘age in place’ and raise the quality of life as we age. 

We spend most of our time, especially as we age, in our homes and in contact with textiles like our beds, couches, chairs, carpets, and blankets. That means CELLIANT bioceramic technology can play a big part in helping boost health and wellness in the home as more and more people strive to age in place. 


From flying cars to electric concept cars, to cars with ChatGPT-powered voice assistants, the automotive industry was all about making a big splash at CES 2024. We can’t help but think of the more functional needs of vehicle drivers and passengers and turn our attention to the vehicle interior. At CES, Yengfeng did just that with their radical interior redesign. At CELLIANT, we’re more interested in reinvigorating vehicle interiors than redesigning them.

CELLIANT infrared technology can deliver the next level in interior differentiation by helping drivers and passengers be more comfortable as CELLIANT has been shown to improve thermoregulation, enhancing other climate adaptive technologies and innovations. CELLIANT’s ability to increase local circulation is also beneficial for drivers and passengers alike, particularly during long drives. Further, with fabrics like CELLIANT with REPREVE polyester and nylon, both made with recycled plastic, we can help automotive manufacturing incorporate more sustainable high-performance textile components.


Minitails Smart Pet Tracker by Invoxia, as showcased at CES Tech 2024
Minitails Smart Pet Tracker by Invoxia, as showcased at CES Tech 2024

Pet Tech was a CES 2024 trend that were excited about, particularly the technologies that help our best friends’ wellness. Invoxia launched a wearable for pets that is a GPS tracker and offers geofencing. The collar’s main differentiator, however, is the ability to monitor respiratory rate and heart vitals, alerting owners about possible health issues.  

Just as CELLIANT infrared technology has great synergy with human wearables designed to track and monitor health and fitness, it has the same synergy with these emerging pet wearables. CELLIANT is bioresponsive, improving local circulation and increasing cellular oxygenation, which leads to improved performance, faster recovery and better sleep — which wearables typically track. CELLIANT currently has great pet brand partners in Drapers, Woofmat and Avanti, delivering infrared textile products for dogs, cats and horses. 

Add Innovative CELLIANT Infrared Technology to Your textile Products

CES 2024 showcased so many incredible technology trends and products. At CELLIANT, we’re proud to be innovators in the textile technology space, with applicability and reach across many industries.  

If you’d like to find out how CELLIANT can help your textile products stand out with wellness benefits, sustainability and compelling product storytelling, please fill out the form below to connect with a business development representative from our team.  






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