Infrared Wellness. Infinite Color. Pure White CELLIANT is Here.

There are few things more satisfying than solving really tough challenges and seeing the benefits come to life. And so it is with huge satisfaction and excitement that we launch pure white CELLIANT. With years of work, our R&D team has found a way to embed CELLIANT into fibers that allows for those fibers to be pure white. The obvious benefit is that now CELLIANT, and all the wellness benefits that come with it, can create brilliant white fabrics. But it’s more than that. Making white possible also makes delicate pastel fabrics possible, really, it makes virtually any colored fabric possible. We can now create lovely white bed sheets, crisp white jerseys, pastel scrubs… the applications are as limitless as the colors.

As our CEO, Seth Casden put it, “Personally, I am so excited about pure white CELLIANT. It’s an innovation that has been admittedly tough to crack, and long been at the top of our list. It’s really a testament to our team’s dedication and innovative spirit that we’re launching CELLIANT in pure white. The ability to offer our brand partners the wellness benefits we’re known for, along with the possibility of basically any color fabric, including, of course, those stunning whites, is extremely fulfilling.”

The best part? This is all without impacting the core of what CELLIANT is: natural infrared wellness.

Pure white CELLIANT still captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, increasing local circulation, helping regulate body temperature and promote stronger performance, faster recovery and better sleep. Pure white CELLIANT is also still made from ethically sourced minerals from the earth and is available in nylon, polyester and recycled polyester fibers.

We believe in constantly looking for ways to improve and bring new possibilities to CELLIANT’s infrared wellness benefits. Pure white CELLIANT delivers and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

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