Harness the Power of Light: 5 Light Therapy Applications to Boost Wellness

Red Light Therapy Mask

In recent years, light therapy has surged in popularity as a non-invasive, natural and effective wellness tool. From enhancing overall energy levels to contributing to skincare routines, light therapy offers benefits that are becoming increasingly more accessible and recognized in daily life. 

Let’s dive into an overview of light therapy and the roles of different wavelengths of light, and then will explore cutting-edge light therapy innovations that are revolutionizing the wellness landscape. 

An Overview of Light Therapy 

Light therapy harnesses different wavelengths of light to offer various benefits. This therapeutic technique operates on the principle that exposing the body to certain frequencies of light can influence behavior, sometimes down to the cellular level, to cause a biological change.  

The spectrum used in light therapy ranges from ultraviolet (UV) light for treating skin conditions, to visible light, which addresses mood disorders and sleep issues, and extends to infrared light therapy, which boosts performance, speeds recovery and promotes restful sleep. Each segment of the light spectrum offers unique benefits, making light therapy a versatile tool in promoting overall well-being. 

5 Light Therapy INNOVATIONS that Boost Well-Being

Light therapy’s versatility is evident in its numerous applications, ranging from targeted treatments for skin conditions to devices designed to improve sleep quality. This powerful modality is continuously evolving, with innovative approaches and technologies being developed to harness the full potential of light in new and exciting ways. 


Infrared saunas have carved out a niche in the wellness community, celebrated for their ability to increase circulation and promote a sense of holistic health. Energy from infrared light saunas is able to penetrate deeply into muscles and tissues, stimulating blood flow, which in turn helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients more efficiently throughout the body.  

The enhanced circulation derived from regular infrared sauna sessions can lead to a variety of health benefits, including more efficient muscle recovery, making this form of light therapy a popular choice for those looking to level-up their fitness regime. People often emerge from sessions feeling a noticeable improvement in their energy levels. This makes infrared saunas a compelling option for those seeking to enrich their wellness routine and achieve a balanced state of health. 

One way to maximize your infrared sauna experience is by using IR-infused sauna accessories. Sunlighten, a leader in infrared saunas and wellness technology, offers sauna cushions, heater covers, towels and body wraps powered by CELLIANT® infrared technology. CELLIANT is a blend of natural bioceramic minerals that can be added to textiles, creating fabrics that can deliver the benefits of IR light. 


The allure of a glowing complexion has led to the widespread embrace of red light therapy masks among beauty aficionados and skincare experts alike. These cutting-edge devices leverage the power of specific light wavelengths, such as red light, to penetrate the skin’s surface. Red light masks may stimulate collagen production, a critical protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. As collagen levels are bolstered, users may report a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, contributing to smoother, more radiant skin. 

The beauty of red light therapy masks lies in their ease of use. Designed for at-home convenience, these masks can be seamlessly incorporated into one’s skincare regimen, requiring just a few minutes of use several times a week to achieve optimal results. Unlike some skincare treatments that necessitate downtime, red light therapy allows for immediate return to daily activities.

This technological advancement in skincare underscores the evolving landscape of beauty routines, where innovation meets efficacy, empowering individuals to take control of their overall health in new and exciting ways. 


The burgeoning field of sleep technology has witnessed the advent of sleep aid light therapy devices, a promising solution for those seeking better sleep. Leveraging the principles of light therapy, these devices emit a range of light wavelengths designed to realign the body’s circadian rhythm, the internal clock that dictates sleep-wake cycles. 

Exposure to certain wavelengths, particularly those mimicking the calming hues of twilight, signals the brain to ramp up the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for inducing sleep. Conversely, light emitted at a wavelength that simulates morning light can decrease melatonin levels, helping users wake up feeling more refreshed and alert. One popular example is the Hatch Restore, which promises to help consumers “build a restful routine from sunset to sunrise.” 

Infrared-infused sleepwear and linens, such as bed sheets and pillowcases, are also gaining popularity. Infrared light helps regulate temperature, increase comfort, and speed recovery all factors that contribute to restful sleep.


Integrating blue light therapy into your daily routine may help revitalize your mood. White and blue light has been linked with counteracting the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression that typically flares up during the colder, darker months.  

By incorporating blue light therapy into your routine, you can effectively mimic the natural sunlight that is often missing during these months. Exposure to blue and white light helps regulate the body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm, which plays a crucial role in sleep and mood regulation. 

Moreover, blue light therapy is not limited to those suffering from SAD. It may also benefit anyone looking to boost their mood and energy levels, especially in environments with insufficient natural light, such as offices or homes with limited window exposure. Whether you use a light therapy lamp during your morning routine to start the day on a positive note or incorporate shorter sessions throughout the day to maintain high energy levels, the benefits of blue light therapy can be both effective and accessible. 


In the realm of recovery, infrared apparel has emerged as a groundbreaking innovation. IR-infused clothing is embedded with bioceramic particles that reflect infrared light back towards the body, harnessing the benefits of infrared light therapy without the need for a traditional external source of light. 

The science behind infrared apparel, like clothing that is powered by CELLIANT fabric technology, lies in its ability to increase local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation, supporting better endurance, strength and post-workout recovery. 

This wearable technology makes the therapeutic effects of infrared light conveniently accessible, allowing users to experience its benefits throughout their day or during physical activities, without interrupting their busy schedules. By integrating the principles of light therapy into the very fabric of activewear and loungewear, infrared apparel represents a fusion of innovation and wellness, tailored to meet the demands of modern life. Whether used for enhancing athletic performance or speeding up the recovery process, IR clothing stands as a testament to the expanding possibilities within the intersection of technology and light therapy. 

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